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NARS Duo in Paramaribo

This NARS Duo called Paramaribo is one that I really wanted to love. It’s one of the first NARS Duos I got, the other one being Habanera (review) and I was so impressed by how velvety-soft the eyeshadows were, and how beautiful the pigmentation of both colors were.

NARS - Paramaribo - Swatches

Paramaribo came out with NARS’ Spring 2012 collection, and it pairs two colors—a metallic brass & metallic bronze—together. To me, it just looks like two different greens, but as we’ve already established, I am sometimes unrefined. 🙂 Anyway, I busted it out for a proper review as it seems to be a very beautiful, very sunny duo.

Paramaribo,_Suriname“Paramaribo” is the capital in Suriname, South America. It is located near the Suriname river, and viewed from the top, you can see where they may have culled inspiration from, when creating this duo. Suriname has a very rich history of European colonization, as well as very a diverse populace with a variety of religions, cultures, and beliefs.

I guess, much like a lot of other places. 🙂

NARS Duo - Paramaribo - Eyes

Though the swatches on my hand show a lot of contrast, on my eyes it’s a different story. I think it may be my skin tone, too, because I used a primer. I applied the lighter, brass shade on the middle of my lid, with the darker bronze shade on the other corners, both on the inner and outer parts. I’ve also lined my lower lash line with the darker shade.

Sorry for the lighting on these, I was trying to get as much sunlight as I could. 🙂

NARS Duo - Paramaribo - Face

Still, at a distance, it looks quite beautiful. The subtle gradient adds a natural-looking depth to the eye, I think, and looking at this makes me warm up to a green eye. I always felt like it was something I couldn’t pull off, but I actually quite like how it looks with a crisp black liner and a plummy lip.

Supposedly, this is limited edition, but I see it around a lot, still. Try your luck!

NARS Cosmetics is cruelty-free and available at Rustan’s Department Stores nationwide.


  1. I’m so glad you did a review on this! I LOVE Nars eyeshaodws and I always swatch them when I walk by the counter but I cannot justify spending the money on them haha I am considering asking for one for Christmas and this one is definitely beautiful 🙂

    • Aw, I absolutely love them. Definitely some of my favorite eyeshadows. They can be very hit-or-miss, though, so I definitely suggest you do a lot of research before settling on asking for your first one. 🙂

      • Will definitely do thanks for the advise! 🙂 They just feel so butter and pigmented when I swatch them at the counter which I love! Ill definitely do some research before I ask and let you know which one I decide on!

  2. Actumally this looks so amazing on you! I think you can pull off these lovely bronze greens with your skin tone. I’ve come to realize that even if there isn’t much of difference between two shades in the NARS duo sets, when you use them in a look it’s like you can see how much thought went into pairing the shades. They work beautifully together. Although it is true that out of the entire NARS range, the eyeshadows tend to be the most inconsistent in quality which is sad. Marie-Galante? Blargh!

    • Thankumayoo. 😀 I stashed it away after one try, lol, but I really, really like it now! It’s so funny how sometimes I think, “WHY WOULD THEY MAKE THESE TOGETHER” and then it ends up awesome and then it’s like, “Well, of course they knew what they were doing…”

      ANYWAY. I never got to try that! Thank goodness I did not. I actually have pretty weird duos, lol. Though, not as weird as Blade Runner!

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