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Mineral Madness: A 7-Day Challenge

Hey everyone!

So. Mineral makeup. Do you like it or do you stay away from it? I fancy myself a mineral makeup lover, but we all know that while that may be true, I don’t really use the stuff enough.

I’ve inexplicably accumulated a lot of colors, though.

So! In an attempt to at least use a portion of my mineral eyeshadows, I’ve decided to do a mineral eyeshadow challenge in which I use just those for a week! I was thinking of doing a 52-Look Challenge, where I make a mineral makeup look at least once a week for a year, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Let’s see if I can do this first. 🙂

I thought about not showing my mineral eyeshadows because it’s a little embarrassing, but in the interest of transparency and honesty, here is the mother lode, complete with a nosy puppy:

Mineral Makeup

Not the most ideal storage “solution,” but I don’t exactly have a lot of space. I’ll try to do the seven looks on consecutive days, and I’ll post the first look I’ve cobbled together later today! Stay tuned for that, I hope. 🙂

Do you use mineral makeup? Why or why not?


  1. I got a sample of Venus & Mars Mineral Eyeshadow in Halo (a beautiful green shade) but I didn’t know how to apply it correctly, and it became too messy to use. 😦

    • Do you have an eyeshadow base/primer? I find that helps a lot. Also, you want to press the brush on the lid, instead of swirling it around, which kicks up the eyeshadow instead of making it stay on the lid.

      • Yes that was my mistake, not using a primer! Reading up on using mineral eyeshadow, actually, but I’m not the most patient person haha.

      • Yeah, it’s really not for people who are rushing out of the house. Especially if you are clumsy like I am! I live in perpetual fear of spilling all of my eyeshadow 😦

  2. Eeeep cute puppy! Eeeep awesome collection! Looking forward to the Shiro eyeshadows looks. 😀

  3. Aww, puppy love!!

    When I first glanced at your container there, I thought – hey, what is she talking about, it’s not so bad! But then I figured out it’s two layers of pots 😀 Works for me, because I’m really curious about mineral makeup and I LOVE a good selection.

    Looking forward to your new series! I ended up with 3 Chanel lipsticks after your last one, so here we go….. 😀

    • Hee!

      But yes, I have quite a bit of pots here. D: It actually started with the bM holiday set, A Vision in Velvet, which had TWENTY pots. And it all snowballed from there.

      Eep! I hope you are enjoying them at least. 🙂

  4. Yvane says

    I tried a sample of mineral foundation from Bare Minerals once. I like it, just haven’t found the time to purchase a full size of it… I am looking forward to this 🙂

    • I looooove the bare Minerals loose foundation! One of my absolute favorites. I’m kind of at a loss re: my current liquid foundations because I just want to use bM forever!

  5. I have to admit that I do not own any mineral makeup. Maybe your posts will inspire me to try them. 🙂

  6. I have a bunch of mineral eyeshadows too, but I rarely use them, I don’t know why. I absolutely love mineral foundation though! It looks really natural on the skin. 🙂

    • I think you really have to have enough time to do your makeup if you want to use mineral eyeshadows. It is so stressful because you don’t want to make a mess or wast any product! Hehe.

      I love mineral foundation, too! Lately, I’ve been finding that I prefer it to pressed powders or liquid. :0

  7. Nosy puppy!! I like mineral eyeshadows though the loose ones I try to keep away from, the mess! Looking forward to your looks. The thing about mineral shadows is their impossible to use up!

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