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Mineral Madness Day 2: The Hum of an Espresso Rebellion

This is a mouthful… but I tried. Anyway, this look features some of my favorite colors from three different brands! I’ve got Hum on the inner two-thirds of my eye, which is an LCC or loose color concentrate by OCC. Then, on the crease and outer corner, I have Velvet Espresso, which is an LE color from bareMinerals’ holiday set, A Vision in Velvet. Finally, I deepened the outer corner with Rebellion from Shiro Cosmetics.

MM D2 - Eyes

Truthfully, I don’t really like it. Although, I think it’s pretty cool how much it seems to change with just a quick replacement of the lip color.

MM D2 - Face

It’s a pretty easy look, and actually fairly colorful given the combinations I normally wear. This color by OCC is also really, really pretty. Semi-review coming up soon. I actually have a haul/short review post on my first OCC purchases from March or something. I just never got around to actually finishing the post. But it shall be done.

Anyway, that’s mostly it! I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m having fun playing around with my mineral makeup, though I can’t really do much aside from picking a light color to put in the inner two-thirds of the lid, and then picking a dark color to put in the outer crease and corner. But hopefully inspiration will strike me!


  1. Gorgeous! Love the red(ish) lips, the color goes really well against your skin 🙂

    • Thank ya! I think a bit of a mismatch, though. Perhaps something with more color, though less dramatic?

  2. I have a couple Bare Mineral eye shadows that came with a set but I have yet to try them. I always worried there would be a lot of fall out because it’s a loose shadow so I never played with them. Maybe it’s time I try them out. What’s the worst that can happen?!

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