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So You Want to Build a MAC Quad? Part I

Here are just some ideas if you want to venture into the world of MAC but can’t justify purchasing eleventy billion eyeshadows in one go. I’ve posted about my friend Laura’s suggestions over here, but to narrow things down, have a look at the combinations I made with the shadows I already own. 🙂

I chose to put together quads, since they seem to be the most cost efficient for people who are starting out, and because MAC creates customizable quads in their PRO stores and online. Sadly, these are not available in the MAC counters here in the Philippines, but you can put them in Wild Peach palettes or Z-Palettes instead. 🙂

Without further ado, here are three of the quads I’ve “created”:

Purple Haze — Malt, Quarry, Trax, Sketch
This first combination is an assortment of purples and purpley shades. We have two matte shades (Malt & Quarry), and two velvet shades (Trax & Sketch)

MAC Quad - Purple Haze

This is great for all kinds of purple looks across the board. You can have a day look, and a night look just by building up the shades.

MAC Quad - Purple Haze Eyes

Look 1: Quarry all over lid + Sketch on the outer third & lower lash line. Look 2: Malt inner third, Trax on outer two thirds and lower lash line, Sketch to deepen the outer third slightly, Quarry to subtly deepen the crease.

In the Red — Naked Lunch, Sable, Mystery, Sketch
An assortment of reddish and pinky tones, all of which are wearable for all occasions. Naked Lunch is a frost, Sable and Sketch are velvets, and Mystery is a satin.

MAC Quad - In the Red

This is a great warm palette for people who don’t like to be typical. This sounds a little dodgy, since it’s centered around a “red” theme, but as you can see below, it’s a lovely selection of shades that produces wearable looks.

MAC Quad - In the Red

Look 1: Naked Lunch all over the lid, Sable on the center, Sketch on the outer corner, and Mystery lower lash line. Look 2: Sable all over the lid, Sketch on the outer third and lower lash line.

Glow On — Cork, Soba, Amber Lights, Smut
I’m not super duper fond of this selection, but I thought it’s still a nice-looking palette, if you’re looking for something fun and super warm. Amber Lights is a frost, and Cork and Soba are satins, and Smut is a velvet.

MAC Quad -Glow On

I think this is a very cool palette with “warm” colors and one that POPS out as warm, which is why I feel like it’s a bit thrown together. I like, though, that you can make two completely different looks with the same 4 shadows.

MAC Quad - Glow On

Look 1: Cork in the crease, Soba on the inner half of the lid, blended into Amber Lights, Smut on the lower lash line. Look 2: Soba on the inner half, fading into Cork. Cork extending to the crease, with Smut on the outer v. Soba + Smut on the lower lash line.

These are just a few ideas of colors I thought would go together. I hope this helped! 🙂 I have a few more in mind, but I couldn’t swatch anymore or else I’d go crazy. Stay tuned for Part II!

What are your favorite MAC combinations? What were your first MAC eyeshadows? (Mine were Amber Lights and Trax, and those two did not go together.)


  1. I’m loving these palettes!

    My MAC shadows are just one strange assortment of colours. I have Humid (deep forest green), Dazzlelight, Mulch, Bronze, Electra (frosty silver with blue undertones) and Cranberry. They’re all awesome shadows though.

    • I kinda get why, though! On the one hand, you want to get neutrals and colors you want to get the most out of, but on the other hand, you also want to get colors that don’t seem to exist elsewhere. I’ve always wanted to try Humid and Mulch.

      • Yeah. It’s a good thing I picked pure Urban Decay’s Theodora palette, so I’ve got a number of neutrals.

  2. My go-to quad would have to be Mulch,Twinks,Espresso and Soft Brown! Mulch and Espresso I’ve had for a verrrry long time now! Those 4 shadows are definitely a couple of my faves!:-)

  3. smarty says

    You’ve put together some great quads! Quarry is my absolute favorite Mac shadow–great for day to night. I also like Shroom a lot for a highlight, and those two go really well together. Definitely give it a try next time you build a quad!

    Please check out my beauty blog: http://www.smartysbeautymark.com

    • I love it so much, I didn’t think I would get on with it when I first got it but it’s such a lovely color. May have to check shroom out as it seems to be a popular favorite!

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