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Mineral Madness Day 7: Hope for Taupe under the Coconut Palms

MM D7 - Face

For the last day of Mineral Madness, I have a super simple eye look using a pink, sparkly eyeshadow from bareMinerals called Hope. I learned a trick from Patricia Lee of shu uemura for using pink eyeshadow. When you balance it with browns, you lessen the risk of looking like you are sickly or have pink eye.

MM D7 - Eyes

For this look, I put Hope on the inner half of the lid, the other half of which I patted on Coconut Palms. On the crease, I blended in Velvet Taupe, which was from A Vision in Velvet.

Hope you enjoyed this series! Watch out for my “tips & tricks” later today. Stay tuned for another round of Mineral Madness in the future. 🙂


  1. I love pink eyeshadows, but mine have to be light shade cool tone pinks. Anything darker and on a warmer side, and I end up looking like I’ve been crying for hours. Kinda sucks, because I always get drawn to warmer color eyeshadows when swatching in stores 😉 They just look so rich and pretty. But alas, don’t work on me.

    • I on the other hand can’t wear too-cool eyeshadow! It’s good that you know what works and what doesn’t, though. I used to think all makeup sucked and then I found stuff that actually worked or I actually liked. And then the rest was history!

  2. That’s a really great tip. I remember lusting for a pretty pink eye shadow only to end up with a horrible eye look. Haha, if only I knew about the browns! 🙂 Better late then never though.

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