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Favorite Things: NARS Eyeshadow Duos

NARS Duos - Habanera, Paramaribo, Dogon, Grand Palais - Pans

Here’s the thing about NARS Duos—you think you know better, but the colors really do go together. I found that to be true especially with Paramaribo and Grand Palais. I have four NARS duos, but I have my eye on a few more. Here’s a collective post of mine so you can see how awesome they are and maybe try one or two out for yourself.

NARS Duos - Habanera, Paramaribo, Dogon, Grand Palais - Swatches

All of them swatched together! Oooooh~

Habanera is one of the first duos I bought, highly influenced by Kim of Gunk Fury, who sadly does not seem to update anymore. She used it for a smokey eye, tutorial here.

NARS Habanera - Palette

NARS Duo - Habanera - Eyes

Habanera is very pretty and soft with a “mint frost” and a “sparkling charcoal plum,” but it does not get that much love from me, because I bought it at a time when I was scared of über shimmer and just bought stuff because I was impressionable. I am not scared of glitter anymore, so let’s remedy this lack of Habanera love.

Paramaribo is another duo I got when I got Habanera. Who knows what I was thinking! There was this strong pull inside of me that really wanted me to buy moar things, and this is what happened. The good news is that it’s a pretty great duo.

Paramaribo - Pan

NARS Duo - Paramaribo - Face

Paramaribo has a “metallic brass” and a “metallic bronze,” and it doesn’t really look like there is much contrast between the two, but they. Just. Work. So. Well. SO WELL. For a great warm, green-y look, this is yo man.

Dogon is a recent purchase. Ish. It was one of the things I hoarded when I went to NARS, right before I went on my makeup ban. HEH. It is bayootiful.

NARS Duo - Dogon Pans Cover

Dogon Face 1

Dogon‘s two shades are a ” metallic taupe with icy green sheen” and a “charcoal black.” Seriously beautiful combination, but the black applies a bit patchily, with a texture sort of like charcoal. Still, I love it overall.

Grand Palais is another hoarded item. D: Does that count as cheating? I am inclined to say ‘no,’ but it’s kind of funny, no? Like going on a booze binge before signing up for A.A. Nonetheless, it’s quite beautiful, with a “silver taupe” and a “dusty rose.”

NARS - Grand Palais - Open Pan

NARS Duo - Grand Palais Close Ups

The combination seems a little unconventional, because PINKY RED. But it’s actually quite neutral and nice.

So, there you have it! NARS Eyeshadow Duos are great but they suffer the unfortunate fate of the Hit or Miss. There are a lot of disappointing NARS Duos, and I’m just lucky that I love all of the ones I got. I really want to get Charade, though I don’t know if the color would show up against my skin tone, and I have my eye on a number of others as NARS has an extensive (and pretty!) range.

They’re a perfect example of why I like palettes and such. Sometimes, you need someone to show you possibilities when it comes to color combinations.

NARS is also one of my favorite brands to come up with color stories and names for their products. You can clearly see the inspiration behind the naming, and if you’re anything like me, that’s something that will attract me to something. But that’s another story.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favorite NARS Duos? 🙂


  1. Love Dogon and Habanera. I have ummmed and arred about buying Habanera. Just think it may be too much for my blue eyes but they are beautiful shades

    • Ah, I’ve never really had to take into consideration my eye color. I think you might be right, wine the lid color is so cool and light. Sometimes I wish they can make little eyeshadow samples! Hehe

  2. Great post! Love how you used all the duos. If you like soft neutrals, then you really should get Charade. I’ve used it on my bridal clients and its more gorgeous on, than from the pan 🙂 You may also want to check out Cordura – beautiful combination, my personal favorite because I prefer darker colors.

  3. The Paramaribo eye look is pretty nice! A little thicker on the eyeliner and Cleopatra would come to mind. Such decadence and glitter!

  4. NARS Dogon is really nice on you!! I’m so tempted to buy all the NARS palettes out this fall more because of this post.

  5. I love pretty much everything NARS does. I’ve been after Grand Palais so long that I think I might just cave the next time I’m in a country that sells NARS (unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it’ll be soon). I haven’t seen Paramaribo before but it looks gorgeous… Damn, Carina, stop making me want to buy stuff.

  6. I am inlove with Dogon and Paramaribo and sort of in-like with Grand Palais. I love that the duos take the guess work out of doing eye makeup. Accck I must stop myself from going to Rustan’s. It’s going to be deadly for my wallet. Haha

    • AHHH try to get these abroad if you can. Markup here is insane, lol. I love that about duos, too! Cause the darker colors can double as liner, too. 🙂

  7. I have three of these- Paramaribo, Dogon and Grand Palais. Dogon is probably my favourite Nars duo ever, but I also love the denim blue combo Mandchourie. I find that more matte shades like the darker colour in Dogon (which I was wearing yesterday, come to think of it) apply better damp.

    • Thanks so much for the tip! I absolutely love Dogon. That taupe is something else. I have to check out Mandchourie soon!

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