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Quickie: Addiction by Ayako Eyeshadow in Deep Forest

Addiction - Eyeshadow - Deep Forest - Pan

Here’s a weird color that doesn’t seem like me at all. On my Osaka trip, I kept swatching this color, Deep Forest, at the Addiction counter because it was so pretty. It’s a lovely blue-green color, with a “Pearl” finish.

Addiction - Eyeshadow - Deep Forest - Swatch

Like your usual Addiction eyeshadow, this is very buttery and easy to blend and apply. I remember swatching it alongside Midnight Drive, and really wanting to get it because they looked really good together, but talked myself out of it because I don’t wear blue eyeshadow.

Addiction - Deep Forest - Face Since I have a newfound love for colored eyeshadow, or at least a new semi-adventurous streak, I decided to get it.

It’s great as an outer corner color because the color is not as bright as you’d think and is quite easy to wear. It’s also awesome for a smokey eye.

Addiction - Deep Forest - Eyes

It creates a nice little gradient from Midnight Drive, a perfect eye look to wear if you’re feeling tired of neutrals.

Addiction - Eyeshadow - Deep Forest - Swatch vs BareMinerals Editors Pick

This is actually a pretty unique shade. The closest I have to it is Editor’s Pick from the bareMinerals READY 8.0 Palette, The September Issue, though it is much greener and slightly brighter.

I’m glad I decided to get Deep Forest. I can’t wait to play around more with it. 🙂

Addiction is owned by Kosé, a company that tests on animals. It is unclear as to whether Addiction tests on animals, too.


  1. Awesome look! A little peak of the blue, it doesn’t look very exag and can actually be worn to work or something.

  2. Hey Carina, the shade is lovely and I can see how smooth and pigmented it is! I like how soft it is blended out as well. Definitely makes the shade more versatile!

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