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September’s Softly Special: All About the Eyes

Hey everyone!

For the month of September, which is my birth month, I wanted to do something special. While I like reviewing products for you guys, I do also enjoy challenges and series, just because I think that these things help make a blog more interesting.

I’ve done challenges, like Mineral Madness, as well as a few series(es?), like Nosy Beauty and Made-Up History, but I wanted to do something on a bigger scale for September.


I figured that since I loved doing my eyes the best, I’d talk a bit more about eye makeup! I was very tempted to do a pure eyeshadow month, but then I thought that that might be a bit too much for everyone, so I expanded it to eye makeup in general with a favorable slant to eyeshadow, light of my life, fire of my loins.

So, just to kick things off, let me start by talking a bit about the little duo that started it all, bareMinerals’ The Scenic Route:

bareMinerals - The Scenic Route

I remember buying this from a Sephora at Gare de l’Est, a train station in Paris, while waiting for our train to München. It was a guilty buy. “I can’t believe I’m buying makeup on vacation,” I thought to myself. Ah, if only you knew, past!Carina. If only you knew what’s ahead of you.

bareMinerals - The Scenic Route - Swatch 1

bareMinerals - The Scenic Route - Swatch 2

Before this duo, I didn’t think that eyeshadow could be so buttery, so velvety smooth. It was honestly sort of an epiphany for me, and now here I am.

Anyway, I hope you are all prepared for what’s to come! I noticed that not a lot of people I know in real life really wear eyeshadow or venture out of the mascara-liner-blush-lipstick combo, so I thought this could be helpful also.

On another note: Amy, a sweet reader from New Zealand, sent me an email a few weeks ago that finally nudged me into getting a Facebook account for Softly Sometimes.

Like this page for updates, if you are so inclined. 🙂 There’s literally nothing in there yet, but I’ll be posting mostly beauty-related things on there. Since I am a toe-dipper, however, you’ll probably hear about books and travel, and things like that sometimes, too!

Anyway, that’s all for now! I hope you’re excited about this series as I am. 🙂 I haven’t planned out the whole month, so if you have any requests or questions, feel free to leave them down below!


  1. tropicthrill says

    Excited about this, I’ve only (somewhat) recently gotten into eyeshadows. (Quite guilty of the mascara and liner combo haha, it just feels so safe)

    Your eyeshadow swatches are the best.

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