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Drugstore Finds: Maybelline EyeStudio LuminEyes in Khaki and Grey*

Maybelline LuminEyes - Grey Khaki

Here’s a quick review of the Maybelline EyeStudio LuminEyes Palettes* which I got in a BDJ Box a few months ago. I got the shade Grey, but my cousin who is not a wearer of eyeshadow gave me hers, which was in Khaki and which I like a lot better.

I don’t really get on with silvers and greys all that well (it depends), so I was apprehensive of this palette.

Maybelline LuminEyes - Grey Swatches

It’s a five-pan palette with four shades of one color (in this case, Grey and Khaki) and a small circular pan with a white “primer.” The primer is sparkly, and you can see on the above swatch that it doesn’t really do much to enhance the eyeshadow colors.

In fact, it was quite hard to apply with a brush so I tried to apply it with my fingers, which was slightly better but also ultimately a chunky experience.

Eyes: Maybelline Eye Studio LuminEyes in Grey, Cheeks: NYX Raisin, Lipstick: NYX Spellbound, Face: Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

Eyes: Maybelline Eye Studio LuminEyes in Grey, Cheeks: NYX Raisin, Lipstick: NYX Spellbound, Face: Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

I look like a harlot.

As I, and many people have suspected, the “primer” in the round pan didn’t really act like a primer so much as a chunky shimmer base upon which you can try to pat on the eyeshadow to their inevitable crumbly demise.

It was a nightmare of the patchiest degree, and I really tried to make it work. I used all of the colors, and I think beginners will appreciate the subtle gradations of each shade because it won’t be as atrocious if you haven’t gotten the hang of blending between colors just yet.

Maybelline - LuminEyes - Grey - Eyes

Here are the swatches for Khaki:

Maybelline LuminEyes - Khaki Swatches

Maybelline LuminEyes - Khaki Swatches 2

I am not very impressed with these palettes and will likely pass these on to someone else.

Maybelline is not cruelty-free.

* I received the BDJ Box for editorial consideration and am not required to write or compensated for this post/review. All thoughts are my own.


    • The only other palette I ever owned by Maybelline was a trio from like 10 years ago. It wasn’t v. shimmery but it was also not v. pigmented! And yes, unusable!

  1. I was a little excited when I got this inside the BDJ box because I thought the packaging looked extremely cute. I was still fairly new with eyeshadow then (what difference a few months make) so I tolerated it. I got the gray one as well. It was so bad on my skin! The white circle did nothing to help the colors and the “cute” packaging proved to be annoying because it was a challenge to use the product with other brushes (even the free brush!).

    I ended up giving it to someone else after a week, lol. I hope she has better results with it.

  2. I lost it at “I look like a harlot” 😀 They do seem rather awful (especially that primer) but you seemed to have made them work on your eyes, because honestly you look amazing as always 🙂

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