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Makeup No-Buy Update: Four Month Mark

We have reached another end of the month of my Makeup No Buy, which is a personal torture challenge that I’ve put myself on to curb my desire for more makeup. This started on May 22 and I’ve been documenting my monthly progress via blog posts. You can track my progress here.

This No-Buy is meant to last until December first, but to cut to the chase I have been buying makeup here and there. It’s a small fraction of what I used to buy (and I do mean a tiny, tiny fraction), so it’s no big deal. Here’s what I ended up buying this month:
— Flower Cosmetics Color Play Crème Shadows in Orchid-ing Around and Vines of the Times
— Flower Cosmetics Kiss Stick in Ginger Lily

And, paid for by my dad:
— y.e.t. Eyeshadow Sticks in Nude Pink and Bronze
— y.e.y. Fill it Up Primer

And that’s it. I think that’s pretty good. So far, in the last four months, I purchased:
— e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner
— essence Stay All-Day Long-Lasting Eyeshadow in Glammy Goes To…
— 3 x Addiction Ready-to-Wear Palettes in Sugar Rusk, Tuxedo Moon, and Mudd Club
— 3 x Addiction Cheek Sticks in Tea Rose, African Sunset, Suspicious
— 3 x Addiction Single Eyeshadows in Safari Mode, Sandbar, and Deep Forest
— Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in
— Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
— Flower Cosmetics Color Play Crème Shadows in Orchid-ing Around and Vines of the Times
— Flower Cosmetics Kiss Stick in Ginger Lily
— y.e.t. Eyeshadow Sticks in Nude Pink and Bronze
— y.e.y. Fill it Up Primer

Looks like a lot, but comparatively, it is really not.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve filled up a shopping cart for an online store only to click out at the very, very last minute. It was particularly hard to have said ‘no’ to the Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP Subscription, I’ll admit.

Luckily, they opened up the subscription again and thanks to Sarie, I have a subscription! It’s my birthday gift from her because I got her a really nice present for her last birthday. Also, I think she felt pressured (to give me a nice gift, too!) and felt sad that I felt sad about missing the subscription period.

I think I’m just really lucky. 🙂

Anyway, that’s really most of what I wanted to say. I go through intense cravings for random makeup things but when I take a step back and re-evaluate, I almost always click out and ignore these cravings. I want to just buy the makeup that I really want and will use.

Which isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy the makeup I currently have. I really do; I love playing around with makeup (!) but I don’t enjoy surveying my accumulated products and then seeing stuff I rarely use.

So, I’m trying to rotate! Aside from these Makeup No-Buy updates, I’ve also been posting my “stash shopping,” which I started this month. It has really allowed me to evaluate my current makeup possessions and build looks from that.

I think a lot of the time, we have to determine whether we buy makeup to consume or just to acquire the pretties. I think that for certain products—like the Le Métier de Beauté’s Kaleidoscope Eye Kits—I have a tendency to lean towards the latter reason. Though I do stop myself, usually, seeing as I only have 2 and some odd LMdB items.

Anyway, that’s that. I hope you enjoy these updates and um, ruminations about makeup consumption. How about you? What’s your general attitude towards makeup? Are you naturally inclined to find holy grail products and stick with them or are you like me, and enjoy experimenting? Do let me know! 🙂

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  1. Haha I also always fill up the cart in an online shop, and then force myself to close the window! The process of looking around is so great, but the closing it down is just too painful!

  2. My current challenge is saying no to subscription boxes. I think I may have to control myself on that too. 😦 Good job to you on the challenge so far! 😀

    • Thank you! Haha you can do it. 😀 After trying out subscription boxes, I realized it really wasn’t for me, unless it was super tailored to my interests, like the LMdB Brand Box (Beauty Vault VIP).

  3. I’m more on finding out my Holy Grail product but I haven’t found it yet so I guess I’m in the “experimenting” stage. I’m lured by the packaging and TVC — that’s how korean brands operate. To which I fall for. But after the near-death experience of my savings account I had to curb my “cravings” and finish the products that I have now. And since I plan to go to Korea next year (In April) I just tell myself “I will hoard this in Korea”. It’s really hard when it comes to face bases like BB creams and primers, I have this need to try what is advertised to be suitable for dry skin. Etude House just launched their Any Cushion make up. *cries in the corner*

    I really commend you Carina for this feat! Only 2 more months to go! But even without new make up, your posts are still enjoyable and worth reading.

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    • I think Korean brands are generally more affordable, though, right? I think it’s also great if you set rules for yourself! Like “one in, one out” so that you do end up finishing stuff. When I try something and it doesn’t work or stops working for me, I throw it out or give it away. I don’t do that often, but since it’s hard to throw or give away stuff I pay for, I also try to be more thoughtful of what I end up buying.

      Thanks! I think that’s proof enough of why I had to go on a ban. I have so many products. D:

  4. Hee, ‘personal torture challenge’ 🙂 I’m definitely one for ‘acquiring the pretties’, but this also extends for me out to beauty stuff like skincare and moisturisers… I like to have all the different scents! I’ve started stash-shopping like you, and it seems to help so far… 🙂

    • It does, right? I’m so glad, LOL. I also feel like I’m more aware of the things I actually already have so when I “want” something, I remember better if I have a similar color already or not.

      • I took the slightly drastic step of getting all the beauty bits I had out, laying them out on my bed, and photographing them – if I ever fall into temptation, I just have to see how many things there are waiting to be stash-shopped 😛 That awareness is so important!

  5. ManilaJen says

    I can totally relate. I’d buy makeup over a pretty pair of shoes. I can spend hours in a makeup counter, swatching everything. Insane. 🙂

  6. Love it ^_^ haven’t been buying make-up either the past couple of months and it is relaxing.. getting back in touch with old loves instead of just buying new things feels good.

  7. I just try to limit myself to the samples I already have, unless it’s for high-buzz favorites. I normally feel like buying 75% of what I read, but I wanna limit my actual purchases to the top 5 percentile. And you’re a huge influencer so I should really lay off your blog!

    • Aww don’t leave meh! :< It's funny because when I shop (in real life, and not online) now, I am not so enthused anymore. I keep thinking "Do I need this?" and "I have this already." LOL. So yay, I suppose this ban is working? I mostly want to purchase things to try them out, especially a new brand or new product, to be honest. I don't really accumulate too much of the same thing.

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