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Quickie: shu uemura Tsuya Skin Youth-Infusing Eye Concentrate

Tsuya Skin - Youth Infusing Eye Concentrate

Let’s talk a bit about skin care, shall we?

I wasn’t really particular with any anti-aging regimes and procedures. I just wanted my skin to be clear and mostly clean. That is, until recently. I’ve been trying to reverse the formation of wrinkles near my eyebags, because that’s where they seem to have congregated. I haven’t really been so invested in it that I’d get myself an eye cream, but when my mom went to shu uemura to replenish her Tsuya serum, we just couldn’t ignore the big advertisement for the eye concentrate.

Born from the TSUYA skincare series, TSUYA skin youth infusing eye concentrate switches on a new dimension to eyes, combating factors behind “small eye impression,” which are caused by loss of elasticity in the eyelid area, drooping eyelashes and dark circles.

Exploring the innermost workings of skin, TSUYA skin youth infusing eye concentrate, which not only targets the traditional signs of aging but also delivers the impression of bigger eyes and lifted lashes for stunning eyes and instant eye shadow payoff effects.

I’ve been using the eye concentrate mostly every night since August 18, and here are the results!

shu uemura tsuya eye concentrate - before

After Week 1 - shu eye concentrate

Tsuya - 2w

No discernible difference, though I did not really expect to see any this soon. I thought I was imagining things and that the shu eye concentrate was making more fine lines appear on my left (your right) eye, but it was just my imagination. Funny how many things you notice upon closer scrutiny.

Disclaimer: I didn’t use this product the entire week before this photo because I had a weird tender part on one of my eyes.

shu uemura - week 3

Funnily enough, I notice a bit of fading re: my fine lines. Coinkidink? Let’s check back in a week! Oh yeah, thanks insomnia and deadlines for these wonderful puffy bags!

At this point, I’ve been religiously moisturizing before bed, either with a light moisturizer or a serum. I kind of feel like a lot of my fine lines were there due to my skin being dry. In any case, I can see some improvement!

shu - week 4

Anyway, I’ll check back with you guys after more use, I guess. (Until it runs out, lol.) Currently, I am sharing a tube with sister who puts it on twice a day. I just apply it once a day—before sleeping—and there are some visible improvements though nothing dratsic.

I honestly don’t know how cosmetics companies make so much money from eye creams and such. They take so long to work, if at all!

shu uemura is not cruelty-free.


  1. Elaine says

    Will make sure to try this out. I’ve been really thinking about getting an eye cream/serum but I don’t know where to start LOL

    • Yeah, it’s a bit tricky to decide since skin care is generally more expensive, but I hope you find a good match soon!

  2. I always expect (hope) that investing in skincare, especially eye care will just help me out when i’m 60 but who knows. >_<

    • I know! What if the effect is the opposite, since your skin sort of becomes immune to anti-aging things over time? I wonder about that quite a lot!

  3. Buying the tsuya skin serum is my greatest purchase regret.
    It was so expensive and made my skin worse when I had severe acne, now that my skin is somewhat back to normal, it doesn’t really do anything for me. 😦

    I’m glad it’s working for you though, albeit slowly.

  4. I think I should point out that the angle of your sight affects where your fine lines show up. You mentioned that there were times you thought the lines were getting deeper but maybe it’s because you’re not really looking at one angle. That said, I’m kinda hopeless with eye creams. I just put them on hoping it’s good future investment.

    • You are right! I should post a same-angle one, because I really do feel like the lines have decreased somewhat.

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