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My Ocular Affliction


I mean, it’s not anything serious like blindness or perpetual allergies. Nothing like that, but it’s a little trying when you can’t do simple things like getting an even thick line over it. You see, my eyes are of a typical Asian hoodedness. However, they fold quite differently, like so:

Tsuya - 2w

As you can see, the folds are uneven. Which is, I suppose, fine for general eyelining and such:

Chanel Delicatesse - Face

But when I want to wear a cat-eye or a thick Korean-inspired line, shit ensues and I look like an asshole who can’t do her own makeup.

I just thickened the line by adding another line on top of the existing one, and check out how it looks like when my eyes are open.

Eyeliner - Even

Yikes. Asshole alert. I tried lining my wonky eye while it’s open, but while it looks good and even when my eyes are open…

Eyeliner - Not Even

I turn into a stupid face when I blink! That’s literally how much thicker of a line I need to draw on one eye just so that they match when my eyes are open.

I suppose I can’t close my eyes and blink if I want to wear eyeliner. But what is the priority here? Comfort or thick eyeliner? I think you all know my answer to that. (Just like how you all know how much I do not care about my hair. Oops.)

So, when a reader, Jenn, asked why I rarely lined my eyes or curled my lashes (different story), it really has more to do with it will look more wrong than anything. I agree that a little eyeliner and mascara would elevate most of my eye looks so much more, but it’s a little hard to experiment with eye looks when you can’t ever get them to look even. Ever! Which is why I rely on eyeshadow and a little eyeliner definition very, very close to my lashes.

Anyway. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed how differently my eyes are shaped before I pointed it out, but there you go! My hideousness. LOL, JK. I’m quite okay with it now. It was a little source of insecurity before, but I grew up and got over it. And then there’s always makeup. 🙂

Are there any insecurities you had when you were younger that you don’t really care about now? Share them here! Only if you want to. 🙂


  1. Hi Corina,

    I admire your honesty about this but must assure you otherwise, your eyes are so beautiful the way they are, even if both creases don’t look exactly ‘match’. As a fellow asian beauty lover, without a double eyelid, I have felt self-conscious and annoyed that my face doesn’t look just like white girls in magazines, but I have realized this is SO wrong. So many beautiful Asian women under the beauty standards of western culture are just plain blind (pun intended!) to the natural beauty of their own eyes, and we should be proud of our difference.

    For some practical tips, consider swapping eyeliner for a gradient of eyeshadow that is darker toward your lash line, and fades as it approaches your brow bone.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!


    • Hi Tracy, thanks for the kind words. 🙂 I assure you I don’t have any problems with my eye shape. I was merely demonstrating what traditional liner looks like on me, and tried to explain why I very rarely do it. 🙂 I think this is why I gravitate towards eyeshadow for definition instead.

  2. Eyebags! A classmate used to make fun of my eyebags (I think they might be genetic) when I was in high school and it really bugged me haha.

    • That’s so annoying, lol. Kids are the worst! Also, um, high school? How immature. My eyebags are for sure genetic. More puffy than dark, really, so there’s no cure. Le sigh.

  3. I would’ve never noticed had you not pointed it out! I think everyone’s eyes are uneven to some extent. I think one of my eyes is bigger than the other, which is partly why I find dramatic cat eyeliner so difficult. Never ever seems even

    • Yes, everyone’s eyes differ! I never realized mine FOLDED weird until I tried to do liner, though.

  4. I think making them look even when they are open is something you should do! Cuz it looks amazing… and really, who is going to be staring at you as you blink enough to even notice? 🙂

    • I think I’ve figured out how to do it, but I look down a lot (hehe) so doing this as is won’t really work for me! That’s so messed up; kids can be a little cruel sometimes. Hope all’s well with you!

  5. Also… kids used to make fun of my posture. Ididdidn’t know at the time, until 2009… I was diagnosed with major health issues that caused the curve at the top of my spine.

  6. I did notice that…affliction. Mainly because I have the same! My eyebags are uneven too, so there you go, asymmetry above and below. I would suggest eyelid tape but who has the time for that. I like the way you do your eyes as is.

    • Oh no! Haha my eyebags are even… but they are still there, LOL. D: I know; I’ve just learned to work with what I have, and thank you so much for the kind words. 😀

  7. I didn’t notice until you point it out, once you did, it was quite a dramatic difference. This situation kind of reminds me of eye lid tape, not sure it would work for you though :-/ I’ve never had to use them but I remember receiving them as I was growing up. Everyone has some sort of insecurity in regards to themselves. One side of my eyelashes is more curly than the other, it makes the other side saggy, yuck. My eye lids fold differently some days and I’m pretty sure my left is more visible/a tad more puffy than my right side. You do a great job of creating great eye looks regardless of this! Pretty sure I would have continued not to notice. P.S. Asshole alert is funny!

    • I don’t think I would ever want to be so uncomfortable with my eye shape that I’d consider eyelid tape! I just have to learn to love what I have, really. 🙂

  8. My creases are uneven, but not to that extent :\ I always worried that my eyes were too small, but then I realized it didn’t matter and got over it. I am sorry for your ocular affliction 😦

  9. I noticed and I did suspect that’s why you don’t do liner-heavy looks. I have the same thing going on but to a smaller extent. Liner is still doable for me but I have to go really thin on the inner corners and go heavy midway-outer corners. This way they at least look like they fold the same way from afar, LOL.

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  12. It’s your “affliction” that got me to subscribe. Coz my eyes are hooded and they fold differently. I rarely wear eye makeup because of it. When I saw how much you love eyeshadows, I was willing to delve in to it. Currently I only do tightlining, coz the way my eyes fold, the eyeliner will be covered. I will have to make more than half a cm thick line for the eyeliner to show up.

    • I have found a way to do a winged line with weird folds! 😀 Haha I’ll be posting about that sometime soon!

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  14. Lina says

    I seriously have the same exact problem and I hate it! And what really bugs me is that my eyelids use to not be like that, they were actually even. I woke up one morning and it folded weird and wouldn’t go back to normal! I wanted to cry, but I kind of gotten use to it.

    • Aww, it’s alright! I’ve learned not to mind it. Hope yours sorts itself out. Did you have it checked?

  15. Becky says

    Mines kinda like yours, my left eye fold weird way on the top and it’s annoying when i take pictures. tbh 😦 sigh.

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