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Stash Shopping No. 7

It’s been a while! I tended to grab “easy” makeup and not bother with a lot of the items I picked out from my stash, so I didn’t want to bother with this for the past few weeks. But I want to do something more “stable” again, I guess. I really like having my stuff in rotation, generally, so this is a pretty OK arrangement for me, to be honest.

SS 7 - All

For this week’s edition of stash shopping, I only picked out a few products I already have, since I’m testing out quite a few new products this week. 🙂 In line for Carina Abuse are the ff:

EYES: Suqqu Quad (Sumiredama), Urban Decay Primer Potion (Sin)

SS 7 - Eyes

CHEEKS: NARS Powder Blush (Sin)

SS 7 - Blush

LIPS: Snoe Beauty (Plum Crazy), shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld (Luxe Burgundy), OCC Lip Tar (Strumpet)

SS 7 - Lips

Lots of purples in store for me this week! What forgotten products are you trying out more this week? Do share! 🙂


    • More like atrocious and shameful. D: LOL. I didn’t go through a drugstore phase because our drugstores here sell the products for a high markup that my logic would always be “Ooh, if I add $$$, I can get this Chanel lipstick instead.” Which, to be fair, makes sense. But I neglected to take into account the face that I don’t HAVE to buy everything in sight. But there, I am happy with it, but it is also too much for a casual makeup wearer to have.

    • Oh no, be alive! Be alive! Hahaha it’s really, really, really gorgeous. I don’t use it v. often because I feel like I need to prolong its life. :))

  1. I much prefer stash shopping over shopping bans! I kind of want to see a so-so product revisited and then you’ll have a 180 on it. Though this stash is already pretty top notch so I’m not really sure about upturned expectations!

    • Yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about doing something like that nga e. 😀 I have so much stuff that I reviewed when I was a complete n00b and I wanna do revisits so I can tell my old self to SUCK IT.

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