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The Bear Necessities: My First Visit to Wink Laser & Wax Studio*


I visited Wink Laser & Wax Studio in Taguig for my first wax treatment. It’s a fairly new establishment that I’ve been hearing about a lot, and it really caught my eye because it looks so clean, even down to the branding and design.

I went to get my legs done because, as you can probably tell from my swatches, I am a fairly hairy person. Someone I dated before even exclaimed, “Oh my God, you’re a bear!” after I pointed out my arm hairs. But anyway. My biggest problem area = my legs. I went shave-crazy when I was a young’un and now I am paying for it because I honestly look like a troll when I grow out my leg hair.

From the moment I laid my eyes on their reception desk with these cheeky cards, I knew I would love it there:


The area is deceptively small, but the waxing rooms are pretty spacious. Everything is clean and sanitary. The white floors are pretty spotless.


Check out the trolley with the wax and all the unused spatulas! I went for a soft wax, and they use plastic spatulas that they regularly sterilize. They also use disposable, non-woven strips. Their website, which is also very cutely and cleanly designed, actually details their Hygiene Policy well, which I super appreciate. (You can find it under FAQ.)


The counter against the wall has different oils and ointments to help with the stress of hair removal. My therapist, Mylene, applied some hydro cortisone to help calm down the irritated skin.


This is the view from lying down on the leather-lined waxing bed that’s also covered with paper that gets thrown out after each use (obviously). Kurt Vonnegut has ruined asterisks for me, forever.


I actually really appreciate the bareness of the room, because there isn’t a lot going on and you can tell that it’s freaking clean, which I suppose is a major concern when you are pulling hairs from your body. I think that this is the ideal place to get a Brazilian, though I don’t know if I am ready for that yet, lol.

The entire procedure was pretty painless and I love how my legs did not feel sticky or waxy after the treatment.

Wink Aftercare

After the treatment, they give you an after-care pamphlet to ensure a no-bumps experience. 🙂

I was going to show you my ‘before’ photo, but I thought to spare you. There are still a few hairs on my legs, but my therapist actually told me before the treatment that the wax was going to grip hairs that were about 1/4-inch long. I wasn’t really all that surprised—like I said, my leg hairs are atrocious. The after-care pamphlet also recommended regular waxing every 4-6 weeks for a smoother appearance.

As for my after shot, I also decided against it because I am a peklat kween. I have bruises and scars. I do have the photos, so if I do a months-long review, you can look forward to photographic proof.

Wink Laser & Wax Studio was definitely a pleasure to visit! I think that for major waxing projects or those that are delicate ones, it’s worth checking out. Their prices are posted here, and their services are pretty extensive and specific. Compared to most waxing salons, I think the prices are higher, but this place is seriously spotless.

I really appreciate how easy it was to book an appointment, too. I picked a service for myself and my sister, picked a time, and confirmed via SMS message when they sent me a confirmation notification.

Wink Laser & Wax Studio can be found on the 3rd floor of the C2 Building, which you can access through a lobby beside Nolita.

Wink Laser & Wax Studio
3/F, C2 Building
7th Ave cor. 28th Street
Bonifacio High Street Central
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday : 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday to Sunday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Contact Numbers:
+632.808.7258 | +63917.303.WINK

* This service was provided to me for free. All opinions are honest, unbiased, and my own. 🙂


  1. You know it’s a myth that shaving hair makes it grow thicker, right? I’ve been shaving my legs since I was 13 and I have A LOT less hair now than a did back then (people generally get less hairy with age). The only thing shaving does is create a blunt cut at the end of the hair, instead of having a thinner “virgin” hair tapered end. One waxing session will reset your hair into what it originally was, even if you’ve been shaving for years. If it doesn’t, then it’s not shaving to blame, there must be other internal factors involved.

    I applaud your bravery. I’ve only tried waxing at home a few times and hated it. I don’t think I could trust another person with wax anywhere near me 😀

    • Is it really? My leg hair got SUPER thick once I started shaving. The strands themselves were pretty thin before I started and I never experienced a ‘reset’ after a single waxing session.

      Ha, thanks! What wax did you try? I hate waxing on my own because I don’t know how to get rid of the gross, sticky-waxy feeling after the session!

      • I go to Lay Bare for waxing (Brazilian included), but then I got lazy. I resorted to shaving (though not down there – I’d rather be waxed, or I’ll just go natural), and I agree about the myth of shaving making your hair strands thicker.

        If I had money I’ll just have my underarm and leg hair removed via laser. But alas.

  2. I also tried Wink once, for the underarms, and I loved it! I’m planning on having a regular session to thin down my underarm hair.

    • I know! I want to set up a regular appointment for my legs, too. 🙂 I plan to have them lasered (just saving up some $$$!) but I want it to be thinner so I have less sessions. Is that how it works? LOL.

  3. I’m super balbon and I’ve had my legs and arms waxed once a month since I was 16. I had my underarm hair lasered at Facial Care naman. Like you, my leg hair got thicker when I tried to shave it. Never again!

    If you want, I can give you the number of the lady who comes to my house to wax my hairiness away! She uses hot sugar wax with cloth strips. Unless of course you’re going to continue with Wink. 🙂 Just let me know! 🙂

    • Weird no? I think if you’re predisposed to have thicker hair, the shaving thing=thicker hair seems more likely to happen. Mine got super thick but I’m too lazy to wax so I just carried on. Like a loser.

      I’ll try Wink out first, but thank you for offering! My girlfriend gets her unwanted hair waxed by a home service also. 🙂

  4. If you are a bear, I am a gorilla! LOL! I shaved my legs back in high school, and the hairs are so thick now. Waxing hurts a lot, and I do it mostly by myself. I find Veet wax strips the easiest way to wax by myself but the pain. Ugh! I really wanted laser but it costs a lot, but maybe, I will!

    • I don’t mind the pain, but I do mind the hassle. LOL so I’d rather get someone to do it for me. /lazy

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