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Drugstore Finds: Maybelline Master Liner & Baby Lips ♥ Color*

Two quick reviews on two items I received in my October BDJ Box*. I don’t really have much to say about either of them, so I thought I’d lump them together in one post. 🙂

First up, I have the Maybelline Master Liner in BK-1. It’s a standard, retractable black eyeliner that promises to be smudgeproof and creamy.

Maybelline Master Liner

I would actually argue with that assessment, because it was not creamy at all. It’s kind of hard to apply a hard pencil on delicate parts of your eye that are so close to the opening and the eyeball itself. I don’t want to have to apply too much pressure to achieve maximum pigmentation. Unfortunately, I found that to be the case here.

Maybelline Master Liner - Swatches

In these swatches, the upper, darker one was achieved by a lot of pressure—too much pressure for upper/lower lid application. The lower swatch is indicative of the amount of pay-off I got when I applied the amount of pressure I would if I were to line my upper lashline.

Maybelline Master Liner - Face Eyes

It’s not entirely bad—as you can see from the photos above, the liner adds a pretty sort of definition, but I definitely wouldn’t reach for this if I can help it.

Maybelline - Baby Lips - Pink Peony

Next, I have a Maybelline Baby Lips ♥ Color in Pink Peony. I think I may be in the 1% of the population that did not go bonkers over the Maybelline Baby Lips but they just didn’t play well with my lips.

Maybelline - Baby Lips - Pink Peony - Swatch

However, this added a nice sheer pinky tint to my lips and it has SPF. It still doesn’t moisturize them in the way that I want them t and I kind of hate the smell, but at least there is sun protection in there.

And that concludes my reviews for today! I hope this was helpful, albeit a little random. 🙂 I think the moral of the story (er, post?) here is that there are great drugstore products, but there are also duds and mehs.

* This was sent to me by the BDJ Box Team for editorial consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.

Maybelline is not cruelty-free.

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    • It’s alright, but I don’t think it’s very moisturizing, which is the point of it! Haha. So I guess it’s not so good? I don’t mind the packaging, but you’re right, it is quite similar to the look and feel of Lipsmackers.

  1. I am with you on not going crazy over the baby lips from maybelline! I didnt find myself rushing to the nearest drugstore to buy this lipbalm! I dont get why people are raving this so much. Anyway I like your honest review 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I didn’t get the hype either. I actually bought one for myself, before hearing about it ALL OVER THE INTERNET, then didn’t like it. I was surprised to see it praised so much.

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