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Quickie: MAC Fix+

MAC Fix Plus - Bottle

Marketed as a finishing spray, the MAC Fix+ was actually on my radar for another reason entirely. I knew you could use eyeshadows wet to get more intensity from them, but I also knew that water would destroy most eyeshadows. And then, I found out that a solution like MAC Fix+ was a work around, so after much dilly-dallying, I went and got myself a bottle.

Thankfully, it works as an Eyeshadow Intensifier fairly well:

MAC Fix+ - Eyeshadow

Just spritz the brush, or onto a dish, and use the damp (not wet!) brush to apply the eyeshadow onto your eye. So easy, it kind of hurts. Also, please observe how intense that eyeshadow became. It is applied without a primer underneath, on both sides.

As a setting spray, it works like a charm, too. The mist is pretty fine, which is not what you would expect when you see its nozzle. My makeup stay put throughout the day—I can’t really say anything else about that.

MAC Fix Plus - Nozzle

One other cool thing about this is that the nozzle locks in place, if you have to travel with it. Yay for no spills! All in all, I’m happy with my purchase, even though it’s pretty steep. I have been using setting sprays lately, and I don’t know how I went a makeup-filled year without them.

MAC does not test on animals, except when required by law. Get with the program, China!


  1. … Water destroys most eyeshadows? What? D= I use a damp brush on my eyeshadows whenever I want a stronger colour. Especially the mineral eyeshadows. And the intensity of the eyeshadow is like woah.

    • You ever get that hard surface on top? That’s what I meant! I didn’t know that was a side-effect so some of my old eyeshadows formed that sort of filter thing and now I know why. Mineral eyeshadows are good for wet/dry use. 🙂

      • No worries! Glad I could help. If you have those hard surfaces, you can sort of scratch/scrape it off and start anew 😀

  2. lulusbeautyspot says

    I always use this trick when I’m using metallic shadows, it gives them a beautiful liquid metal finish! I also love spraying some on to a large powder brush and then going over my face to give it a dewy look. Great post x

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