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Make Up No-Buy Update: Month 6

Hello guys! I bought several Hakuhodo brushes this month, so I tried my best to lay off makeup purchases, which was fairly hard to do since I was in the presence of Duty Free, a Sephora, and so many different brands!

Did I succeed?

Yes and no! I just bought a mascara by Sasa, which had a free eyeliner as a gift.

MUNB 6 - Mascara

Are you impressed? LOL just kidding. My Hakuhodo purchase has really guilted me into this state of an actual no-/low-buy. Because I feel so crippingly poor, especially after my holiday. I did, however, get a bunch of skin care and a stuff, which are coincidentally all under some type of promo.

MUNB 6 - Stuff

I got these small bottles of Avène Thermal Spring Water as a Buy 1, Get 1 deal, after reading Shari’s review. There were bigger bottles, but maybe that’s overkill? Idk, I just ended up with these two. 🙂 These Panda Eye Masks were Buy 2, Get 1 (and pretty cheap), so I got a box for each of the ladies in my family. 🙂 The small Bioderma bottle I got to try, since it was $5 off (it is AH-MAH-ZING, btw), and then these makeup wipes were just $2 a box at Daiso.

I also got these oil capsules for the hair and a Sandalwood oil from Bali! Just thought to throw it in here, too. Might as well. 🙂

I’ll post more about my Hakuhodo brushes in a different post. I got rid of a bunch and gave them to my sister, so my brush arsenal is nowhere near as massive as it used to be.

Hakuhodo Brushes

Just to tease, I purchased 5 different brushes. I contemplated on getting a set, but I thought it would be smarter to just get the brushes I really wanted. I currently have just one brush—the H601, which I keep mistyping as H610—and it’s a retractable powder brush that I use for everything. Having used it over the past 6 months or so really convinced me that Hakuhodo brushes are a great investment. But more on that once I get to use them more. 🙂

ONE MORE MONTH TO GO! Truthfully, I kind of dread it, but I think I am a wiser beauty shopper right now, believe it or not. It’s really hard, though, because of all the beautiful holiday sets with such great deals. I have been on a “Do I really need it?” sort of mood, so I guess that’s really good for me. I hope it’s a habitual question I ask myself always, when making purchases. I rather have some hoarder tendencies, so it’s a challenge.

Are you on a low-/no-buy? How are you doing, so far?


  1. Have you never really tried Bioderma before? I wish I hoarded in HK so I can give you one (it’s legit super cheap there haha)!

    The 4th brush looks intriguing! Eyeliner brush?

    • Aww, I live in Asia, where the markup for Western brands is usually quite high. This was being sold for SGD 15.90, which is around €12, ouch.

  2. I’ve been hoarding HUGGGGE 500ml Bioderma bottles at home since buying them up in Asia. In Korea they are not cheap at all. It’s such a great product. Also great for wiping up swatches. 🙂
    Those are gorgeous looking Hakuhodos, Carina! I can’t wait to hear how you like it. I have the wee little push liner brush too for tightlining. It’s the right size, since the Laura Mercia one was way to big for my eyes.

    • Where do I get them for cheaper tho ;_____; Hahaha. Thanks, Belly! I saw you got Chikuhodo brushes recently. 😀 I think the push liner may be in my top 3 of these brushes. Which is strange. :0

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