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FOTD: Sachi’s Mermaid Party

Here’s a look I wore to my goddaughter’s first birthday party, which was held last Saturday. It was themed “Under the Sea.”


Sachi Elise was in full-on mermaid costume, so I thought I’d follow suit even just a little. I injected a little bit of Ariel in my makeup, though I decided not to go with a red lip… just because it was a children’s party.

FOTD - Mermaidy

Instead of a red, I put on my default “Disney princess” lip, which is MAC’s Betty Bright. The full effect of this lip is displayed in the last photo below. It is probably one of the only bright lipsticks that I love.

For the eyes, I tried to capture Ariel’s mermaid… ensemble. I used the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes from 2012, which I have said to be my favorite palette of all time. Sadly, LM has ceased to be cruelty-free, so I opted out of the Artist’s Palette for 2013. If you can still get it, try it out since the one I have is perfect.

FOTD - Mermaidy - Eyes

All over the lid, I have a beautiful purple-gold color called African Violet, which is part of their permanent range. 🙂 It’s similar to MAC’s Trax, but this leans more purple whereas African Violet leans more gold. I deepened the look with a blackened navy, Deep Night, on the outer corners. I used a warm neutral shimmery shade, Sunlit, on the inner corners and a light neutral matte mauve, Plum Smoke, for the blending out around the crease.

For Ariel’s tail, I used a dark green eyeliner (Urban Decay’s Mars) and softened it with Plum Smoke on the lash line. I curled my lashes and applied Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara on top and bottom lashes. I poked myself, too!

FOTD - Mermaidy 2

Here is Betty Bright in all its glory. 😀 I used a light blush, shu uemura soft mauve 225, and a subtle highlight, MAC MSF in Lightscapade.

Thanks for reading & I hope you liked this look.


  1. bellyhead says

    Your baby goddaughter! SQUEEEEE! She is so adorable! Babies that age are just so cute and she is one fine fishy specimen. :))
    Carina, I love how you did your eyes. African Violet is truly gorgeous on you and such a nice color. I’ve been lemming it since seeing recent pictures from this year’s artist palette. I think the dark outer corners is so flattering on you.

    • Fishy fish fish. 😀 I agree, I like this age and when they’re not so hyper anymore but aren’t smart-asses yet either, lol.

      Thank you so much, Belly. I believe that African Violet is a permanent color, and that it is usually in LM’s palettes!

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