Stashed and Forgotten
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Stashed & Forgotten: Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst Lipstick in Whim of Mine

Hello, I’m unveiling a new series here called “Stashed & Forgotten,” in which I post a review about products I have never spoken about at least 6 months after purchase. In the spotlight right now is a lipstick from Rouge Bunny Rouge called Whim of Mine.

RBR - Case - Whim of Mine

I don’t actually get why it has taken me this long to review it (I hauled it back in February), and why I don’t use it that much. Well, why I didn’t use it that much, anyway. After uncovering it again, I kind of feel like wearing it all the time.

RBR - Bullet - Whim of Mine

Whim of Mine is a peachier MLBB—or, My Lips But Better—shade. It looks quite boring in the tube, but it comes alive when applied.

RBR - Swatch - Whim of Mine

The formula of the Colour Burst Lipstick is quite creamy and opaque. It reminds me of the formula of the MAC Satin lipsticks, but there is quite a lot of slip and a tad bit less opacity and thickness. The application is a breeze, and it actually really feels comfortable to wear. Again, I don’t know why I don’t reach for this more often.

RBR Colour Burst Lipstic in Whim of Mine - Face

I think it might look better on me with my tan than it used to, with my natural skin tone. Who knows? I find it to have just enough warmth in it to brighten up my complexion instead of making it appear more yellow, as other warm colors are wont to do. I think it’s a gorgeous color and I’m so stumped because this has been wasting away for the past ten months. Go figure.

Do you have any forgotten makeup that you wish you paid more attention to? Do share. 😀

Rouge Bunny Rouge is cruelty-free.


  1. Cool idea! I have a makeup stash… it’s amazing how fast we end up with so much makeup! I will have to go through my stash soon! That color looks great on you!

    • Hi Lea, I bought it a long time ago from Zuneta. That site’s gone now, though, and I haven’t bought any RBR items in a while, so I’m not sure where else they’re sold. You can probably Google a retailer or check their official website. 🙂

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