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Sample Stash Sunday: Burberry Beauty Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench No. 4

Burberry Sheer Foundation - Trench No 4 - Packet

Here’s an exciting thing I have come across, in my sample exploits—the Burberry Beauty Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation. I have it in Trench No. 4, which is surprisingly a good match for me. It seems like it anyway; I was surprised since I just got this as a Sephora sample.

Product Description: “Formula: A sheer and light cream fluid. A gelled structure for optimum light diffusion.

Benefits: A subtle finish and natural glow that illuminate the skin. The skin feels beautifully bare, supple and comfortable.

Protection: Hydrating formula. Contains UV filters to protect from damaging environmental exposure.”

Right off the bat—I love this foundation. I applied it below over a primer (Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer) and topped it off with a finishing powder (Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light), but this foundation is a) weightless, b) easy to apply and blend with fingers, and c) provides decent coverage for a sheer foundation.

Burberry Sheer Foundation - Trench No 4 - Face

I was surprised at how hard it was to spread out, though, given that it’s a sheer and “fluid” foundation. The formula, which I have depotted in a little screw-top pot, is quite runny so I was surprised, by the aforementioned quality of the foundation. However, like I said, it is quite easy to blend.

Burberry Sheer Foundation - Trench No 4 - Pot

Other things to note are:
— The wear time is excellent. No fading & slight oiling up after about six to eight hours.
— Fragrance is strong; similar to Guerlain products.

That said, despite all of the merits of this product… I haven decided not to purchase makeup items from Burberry. I’ve been searching for information about its animal testing policy ever since I laid eyes on Pale Barley, and while I’ve found information regarding their makeup range (they do not test on animals, FYI), I couldn’t shake off the fact that they are largely involved in the fur trade, which is a complete no-no off-limits area for me.

For months, I have been convincing myself that I would be supporting the beauty range and not their fashion lines (duh, on account of I cannot afford even just a sock), but the thought never really sat well with me… so I shall forget about Burberry and move on. I know that personal preferences when it comes to makeup vary a lot, so trust that I do not and would not judge you if you decide to purchase anything from this line. 🙂 It is really quite beautiful, so I do not blame you!

As a makeup lover, however, the bottom line is that this is a beautiful foundation, which you may want to look into if you want a natural finish and decent, light-medium coverage. As a product, by itself, I can recommend it. 🙂


  1. afternoonlattes says

    Whenever i use drugstore foundations my skin looks bumpy even though i don’t have any acne at all! Its the strangest thing…Iv been wanting to purchase a high end foundation for the longest time but I’m so hesitant because of the high prices! Maybe ill find a sample of this somewhere!

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