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Stashed & Forgotten: Hourglass Femme Rouge in Fresco

Hourglass Femme Rouge - Fresco - Case

Another edition of Stashed & Forgotten, in which I take a look back at some of the products I’ve glossed over after getting them, since I get so distracted by new and shiny things. The Hourglass Femme Rouge is “a lustrous, long-lasting and refillable cream lipstick that hydrates and softens lips. The silky, richly pigmented formula defines and shapes the lips as it moisturizes for a plush cushiony effect.”

Product Description
— Light as air formula immediately hydrates and softens lips for a luxurious feel and subtle shine
— Unique blend provides excellent skin-smoothing, moisture-enhancing and restorative properties
— Super antioxidant Vitamin E conditions and treats lips
— Long-lasting and refillable with lipstick cartridges sold separately
— Free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates

I got this impulsively, when I was putting together my order from Zuneta, way back when it was still alive. This is actually my introduction to Hourglass as a brand!

Hourglass Femme Rouge - Fresco - Bullet

The lipstick cartridge is very pretty, with a substantial weight to it. I love the cover, too, which sort of just slides into place. It’s not magnetic or anything, and there’s no ‘click’ to it. It just slides into place and it feels so sleek, especially with the shiny chocolate brown chrome exterior. I love the logo, debossed with gold, and the hourglass shape stamped onto the lipstick. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a fan.

I picked the color Fresco, which is a pretty natural old rose color that could be an MLBB shade, though darker and rosier, and maybe with a hint of mauve.

Hourglass Femme Rouge - Fresco - Swatch

The Femme Rouge is a “Velvet Crème Lipstick,” which is a pretty accurate name for it. It glides on so very smoothly, and adds a bit of sheen (not gloss or shine) to the lips, even though it doesn’t have any sparkle. I think it’s from the creaminess of the product. It’s creamy, but not goopy, though.

Hourglass Femme Rouge - Fresco - Face 1

I don’t personally find it to be drying, and it goes on pretty opaquely in one pass. The smell is similar to MAC’s vanilla lipstick scent, which I don’t like but has ceased to bother me.

Hourglass Femme Rouge - Fresco - Face 2

Hourglass Femme Rouge - Fresco - Face 3

Hourglass is cruelty-free, and is available on Sephora, Space NK, and on the Hourglass website.


  1. Oh that looks beautiful! I bought the ambient palette (hehehehe!) and the opaque liquid lipstick… Super fail. I absolutely hate it. The color is nice but it doesn’t really set, that tackiness makes it patchy around lip lines >:-( Wish I would have gotten this instead. Hourglass online is kind of pain. Its the first time I’ve had to send back an online order. Anyways, I’ll probably review it with an NYX matte lipstick, they look crazy similar!

    • Ah, is it tacky or just… not transfer-resistant? I think they have lip crayons (new!) that are supposed to be super good, too. But oh no! What’s wrong with Hourglass online? 😦

  2. That is a lovely colour and the packaging looks really luxurious! Haha, I think I should start a series like this, I know I have a lot of long-forgotten makeup items gathering dust in the bottom of my box!

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