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Nosy Beauty Vol. 19: Maria

Hello and welcome to this week’s Nosy Beauty! Today, we have Maria, who is one of the most talented makeup people here on WordPress. Her eye looks are always so creative and elaborate. 🙂 She actually recently made a 3 Product Face, though managed to look stunning, still. 🙂

white and pink makeup

As you know, my name is Maria and I blog at . I am a med school student in my fifth year and that takes 80% of my time, but I do find moments to blog and talk about what beauty products I use. I also enjoy reading other people’s blogs and I tend to fall asleep doing so nearly every night.

I am interested in all things beauty, especially makeup, as I find it makes me look and feel like a whole new person when wearing it, and the best thing is you can look different every time your wear it. I love colours, they make my every day better and that’s why I try to wear them on my eyes as often as possible.

In my makeup bag I try to carry only the things I need, and over the years I’ve learnt what comes or doesn’t come in handy for me personally.

makeup bag and content

My current favourite makeup bag is my brown Laura Mercier one, it is not the most girly or beautiful one I own but it fits the most products without damaging them (my brushes especially). It’s however still chic and apropriate for women of all ages, so I’ll probably use it when I’m 50 years old too.

Let’s get to the contents.


I only carry powder and blush, as I realized I never redo foundation, so there’s no reason to bring that too. I will carry samples ocasionally, because they don’t take too much space.

My every day powder is this Miss Sporty So Matte Compact Powder in 02 Medium. I have been using this for many years as I have found that it keeps my face shine free the longest time from all my powders. I also have the matching foundation and I can say the same thing about it. I don’t know why this brand isn’t more popular, they are amazing.

The blush I use is a MUA duo blusher that has exactly the two shades of cheek colours I need.


I only carry one neutral eyeshadow quad with me, Avon True Colour Quad in Stripped Camouflage. As you can see it is pretty used up.

My favourite eyeliner is my Kallos Love liquid liner.

My current favourite afordable mascara is Oriflame’s Very Me Fat Lash, it makes my lashes so long and thick.

I always have a brow pencil with me. I’d rather go without foundation than without brow pencil.


I only carry:
– one neutral lipstick Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in 700Nude Delight
-one red lipstick Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature


-one lipgloss Laura Mercier in Baby Doll
-one lip balm Nivea Fruity Shine in Cherry- smells amazing and protects your lips
-one lip pencil Maybelline Colour Sensational Pleasure Me Red, in case I want a more dry finish to my red lip


-one powder and blush kabuki brush
-one blending brush (I have my elf one)
-one contour brush (I use it more for smudging)
-one angled brow brush– can’t do my brows without it
-a nail file

Something else I always have in there are travel wet wipes and perfume. Right now I am keeping my Amor Amor Tentation by Cacharel with me.


And that’s everything that fits perfectly in my makeup bag.

Thank you, Maria for letting us peek into your makeup stash! Can you guess who we have on for next week’s Nosy Beauty?


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  1. I love her! She’s so talented, indeed (especially with eye makeup). She’s also always really friendly, too!

  2. Thank you so much for all the kind words, you are all so nice! 😀 I’m a lucky bunny to be followed by you.

  3. Reblogged this on amriaa and commented:
    If you want to see what I most often have in my makeup bag and what I smell like (ahahahaha) check out Carina’s post featuring me! 😀 The Nosy Beauty series has lots and lots of other great ladies featured, so you can check out the other posts too.

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  5. I still have my nude delight as well, though I do need to mix it in with something pinky for a non-dead look. Her make up is SO pretty!

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