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First Impressions Review: BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream*

BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream

Today’s dose of bntgirls goodness comes in the form of the BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream. I received the Jasmine Whipping Essence last month, and it was one of my favorite items, so I was fairly excited to have received this eye cream. Like the Jasmine Whipping Essence, the Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream has Blue Phyto ComplexTM, which is a special BRTC ingredient containing ECOCERT-certified lavender water. It alleviates skin stress, prevents skin dryness and itchiness, and softens rough, scaly skin for the health of your skin.

The Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream is the 3rd step of BRTC’s Multi-Vital10 System, which is a skin-brightening program with Vitamin Complex to prevent skin-darkening and to brighten complexion. There are 9 steps all in all, which sounds excessive but the system incorporates everything down to the hand cream.

The Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream is a vitamin eye cream for delicate & wrinkle-prone skin around eyes, with whitening effect. It is also for intensive moisturizing and has “over 10% of 10 kinds of vitamins and plant-driven nourishing, brightening ingredients (hence the name) so that it helps make bright and healthy complexion and provides fresh cool, subtle feeling with xylitol.”

BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream - Open

This is an odd eye cream, by the way, and comes in a stick form like the packaging for the Benefit 10-Hour Primer, and the Benefit Watt’s Up!, kind of like a glue stick. It even applies like glue stick, too—very smoothly and transparent. 🙂 I like this format because it’s easy to use and easy to travel with!

As for the effects, I haven’t noticed anything major in terms of improvement of wrinkles around my eye area, but that has always been a problem for me. I’ll be using this for the next few weeks to determine its effectiveness. The box does say, however, that it can be applied to freckles, liver spots, and wrinkles around the mouth.

BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream - Before and After

There is a really pleasant cooling effect, which I hope will help with my puffy under eyes after some time! Currently, it doesn’t really do much. I don’t have super dark under eyes—only when I stay up incredibly late!—so the main culprits are under eye puffies and also fine lines. I also actually quite like the scent, strangely enough. It smells really clean and refreshing, but it goes away upon application and doesn’t linger.

Overall, I quite like it as it helps moisturize my eye area before makeup. I think I need a more hydrating eye cream for night use, though.

The Multi-Vital 10 System is for you, if:
— you have uneven skin tone with dark spots from constant sun exposure
— no brightening skin care products help your dull, lifeless skin
— you want gentle yet effective brightening results
— your skin lacks vitality and nourishment

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