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Graymelin Vintage Seven Tattoo Eyebrow in Dark Brown*

Graymelin Seven Tattoo Eyebrow - Dark Brown

One of the two makeup items I got in November’s bntgirls box is the Graymelin Seven Tattoo Eyebrow in Dark Brown. It’s essentially an eyebrow marker with a super fine, flexible tip—almost like the tip of a brush pen. I have a similar product from K-Palette, which is also marketed as a waterproof eyebrow pen.

Graymelin Seven Tattoo Eyebrow - Dark Brown - Point

I love the brush on this. It goes down into a really fine point because I can draw on hairs well. The pen in general is not very flimsy, so you have pretty okay control over your eyebrows and what you want the shape to be. The tip kind of flops a bit, if you’re not careful or paying attention. It’s a great tool if you have very sparse eyebrows, since the ink is quite pigmented.

Graymelin Seven Tattoo Eyebrow - Dark Brown - Swatches

Compared with my K-Palette eyebrow pen, this one by Graymelin is darker and less warm. I think it’s a better match for my natural hair color. The tint of the K-Palette pen is so light that you can kind of just haphazardly draw the “hairs” and not think about it, but Graymelin requires precision as the lines are more visible.

Graymelin Seven Tattoo Eyebrow - Dark Brown - Eyebrows

From left to right eyebrow (screen), I’m using K-Palette then Graymelin. I went on Google Translate because the Graymelin website is not very helpful for non-native Koreans, and in the comments, one of the moderators (or perhaps the creator?) commented that using this for 3 consecutive days will give you the ideal color that will last for seven days (as indicted by the name). Above is day one, below is day 2 and day 3:


By the third day, and after the third face wash, I did notice a faint, very light and warm tint to my Graymelin eyebrow, but I don’t think it would last 7 days, to be honest. The tint/stain on the skin actually made my Graymelin eyebrow appear lighter and browner, which I donut like! I like setting with a darker eyebrow powder, though, so this isn’t a dealbreaker for me.

I continued to use the K-Palette on one eyebrow and saw if the Graymelin on the other would hold up for the next two days after that. It’s really odd, because the tint that the Graymelin left behind is really light and much more similar to the K-Palette swatch. In any case, I don’t think it does what it’s supposed to—which is last for 7 days—but it’s great for everyday use, if you’re not nitpicky or particular about product claims like 7-day longevity in your makeup.

Here’s my condensed opinion of this product:
— I like it a lot.
— It’s easy to use.
— It matches my eyebrows well.
— I would buy it if I run out.
— I don’t mind drawing on eyebrows everyday.
— Great to travel with, easy to use for touch-ups.

— It does NOT last for 7 days.
— You CAN go overboard and overdraw if you’re not careful.

I think it’s pretty useful for people who already have a decent set of brows. If you’re not used to eyebrow markers, this may not be for you. I really have been enjoying using it, though, plus it’s great to travel with since it’s so small and gets the job done.

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