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Oslo Cosmetics Part II feat. Pyxis, Lyra, Equinox, Orphicus, Ara and Noctem

This is the review of the second batch of Oslo Cosmetics eyeshadows that I got from my first order. Read the first part here. Like I said in that review, Oslo Cosmetics has been my favorite loose eyeshadow formula thus far. I haven’t tried an extensive amount—just four brands so far—but these are really something else.

Pyxis and Lyra
EOTD - Radiant Orchid - Eyes2

This is the look I did for EOTD: Radiant Orchid and it features Pyxis, a beautiful pale pink on the inner 2/3 of the lid, and Lyra on the outer third of the lid. I’m not used to very cool tones on my eyes, but I enjoyed wearing this almost-silver color.

Lyra, on the other hand, is a beautiful blackened plum. I noticed in the swatch that it kind of faded into black at the edges (almost a ring around the purple-y swatch), and it looks as though it’s a very opaque purple sheen over a black base. For this look, I really had to pat on Lyra with a finger after blending a first layer of it out, just so the beautiful purple is visible.

Equinox and Orphicus
Orphicus, Equinox - Face

Equinox has the chunkiest glitter. Surprisingly, there is very little fall-out. Orphicus is a forest green, though this look makes it look blue. I did notice a bluish shift in the swatches, but I expected to see more of the green.

Orphicus, Equinox  - Eyes

Noctem - Face

Noctem is a shade I received for free. It is a matte black shot through with very small sparks of red/orange. It’s a beautiful color, very festive and apt for the collection it was released as part of, Oslo’s Halloween collection. Unfortunately, it was quite hard to work with and the sparks, which is the main highlight of the color (in my opinion), do not even show up.

Noctem - Eyes

I’ve worn it here with the OCC Loose Colour Concentrate in Hum, which is an orange with a purple shift to it. It’s beautiful, and totally steals the show, even though in theory, Noctem could have been the star of this look. It’s quite nice for darkening up looks, though it kind of acts like grease somewhat. In any case, I like it alright and I can probably use it up. Maybe.

This had quite a bit of fallout, because it was ultra-clumpy and I kept attempting to pack on more pigment in the hopes of seeing a few red sparks.

Ara Face

Last, but not the least, here’s Ara, which is a dark, sultry shimmery brassy red. It reminds me of 3CE Eyeshadow in #Saturn and Benefit cream shadow in Stiletto, although Ara is deeper than both. It is one of the better-performing shades by Oslo, and it was such a joy to use. There was zero fall-out and it was easy to blend and apply. Definitely a favorite from the bunch.

I suppose that concludes my Oslo Exploration for now. If you’re interested in any of these items, visit Oslo Cosmetics and place an order. Very highly recommended, especially if you’re not used to loose shadows.

Oslo Cosmetics is cruelty-free and vegan.


  1. Oh dear, why would you show me these D:
    I love the Equinox and Orphicus look most *_* Re Noctem, I often have similar issues with blackened shades — would a sticky base help the shimmer show up better?

    • Thanks for the tip! I ordered this brand’s primer to test if it’ll work well with that. 🙂

      They’re definitely awesome colors. I think you’d like some, tbh! A Song of Ice and Fire (I reviewed it in a diff post) is particularly pretty, imo.

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