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OCC Crème Colour Concentrate in Cthulu and Newt

OCC - CCC - Cthulu, Newt

Remember when I said I haven’t been buying a lot of makeup lately? That is a half-truth. I made an Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics purchase when they had their Black Friday sale. I’d been eyeing a bunch of lip tars, but I also wanted to try these Creme Colour Concentrates, since I’ve been on the hunt for some cruelty-free cream shadows.

OCC - CCC - Cthulu, Newt - Pot

These are actually pretty unique! They can be used for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. I’ve only tested them as eye bases, though, as I bought them for that purpose.

Product Description: “This new texture innovation is a smooth, blendable, buildable cream coverage product that’s suitable for use on the eyes, lips, and cheeks! Loaded with emollients and humectants including aloe leaf extract, cocoa extract, and vitamin E, Crème Colour Concentrate goes on smoothly and wears like a dream. Apply anywhere intense, fashion-forward color is desired for a look that will last all day.
-Free of parabens -sulfates -phthalates”

OCC Cream Colour Concentrate - Cthulu, Newt - Swatches
L-R, swatched: Cthulu, Newt

I bought two shades: Cthulu, a “dirty pale olive,” and Newt, a pale peach. Who knew H.P. Lovecraft would make me buy makeup?

There are a lot of other colors in their range, but I chose these ones because I have my fair share of neutrals at the moment. I think it’s really nice that OCC still went for the production of wild colors like teal and blue for a multi-purpose product.

OCC - CCC - Cthulu - Face

Here is Cthulu worn. I anchored it down with some taupes in the crease, and inner corner. It’s actually a pretty good base by itself with pretty much no creasing action for a good amount of hours. I’m a bit surprised. The textures of these have a lot more slip than MAC Paint Pots and Benefit Cream Shadows. These Crème Colour Concentrates are buildable but they can apply sheer, too. I’m surprised they both held up well against my oily lids.

OCC - CCC - Newt - Face

Here’s Newt in action. It actually translates quite pink on me, so I’ve worn it with a deep reddish brown here. Again, this was quite pretty and held up nicely on my oily, foldy lids. I love this color so much. My theory with pink eyeshadow is that it usually just makes cool-toned, fair-skinned people look like they have pink eye but I usually like pink eyeshadow on girls with deeper skin. Usually!

Anyway, these are amazing. I have to see if they dry out quickly, as I’m not the biggest fan of the plastic pot packaging and prefer glass, but if they don’t, I foresee a great relationship with them. My hunt for great, cruelty-free cream shadows might be over!

OCC is vegan and cruelty-free.


    • I wanted more, too, believe me. Particularly, “Miriam,” which is sort of a pale grey-lilac. I think you could pull off either of them 🙂

  1. I love how pigmented they swatch but I don’t know how to feel about these overall because I’m quite paranoid about cream bases. I mean, I never know what the colors will do to my shadowing. Also. What are you doing with your skin? It looks AWESOME!

    • Like eyeshadows? I love how they change everything, tbh! 😀

      Ha, thanks! I don’t think I’m wearing anything on both the looks here. I am wearing a SUPER DARK concealer on the second photo, though. I’ve been alternating between the Snail Solution Set and the LMdB Peau Vierge Dark Spot Corrector. 🙂 I haven’t been wearing much liquid foundations either, in general.

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