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Quickie: OCC Skin: Conceal in Y3

OCC - Concealer - Y3

My last OCC purchase led me on another trail of thinking I know better. Concealer is probably one of the trickiest things you can “eyeball” when buying makeup online. I think I may be the only asshole who does this but I can’t help it. My latest impulse blind buy is the OCC Skin: Conceal in Y3. The product itself is really good, I think I just missed the mark on the shade selection.

OCC Concealer - Y3 - Pot

The product comes in a plastic screw-top pot that is pretty much identical to their packaging for the Loose Colour Concentrates and the Crème Colour Concentrates. It’s the same as the containers I use to depot certain makeup bits. I don’t really like this—I prefer glass jars—but these are functional enough.

OCC Concealer - Y3

Y3 is meant for medium skintones with dark-yellow undertones. I shoulda known, to be honest. Look at how off the mark I was. The texture is really awesome, though, and it blends really well into the skin. It doesn’t settle into creases or crepe up and cake.

Still, I tried it on my face—on a blemish and on my bags. It didn’t fare well with the blemish, but I think it is actually decent under my bags:

OCC Concealer - Y3 Face

Too-light concealers actually tend to emphasize and accentuate my bags, and this seems to do the trick of concealing the dark circles without drawing attention to my eye luggage. I think I actually prefer this to too-light concealers which tend to make my under-eye area look ashy. I’ve found that topping this off with the Le Métier de Beauté Eye Brightening and Setting Powder in Refresh lightens the dark under eye action a bit, somewhat.

As a product, I definitely recommend this. I wish I had gotten the correct color, though.

OCC is vegan and cruelty-free.


    • Hi Hazel, I order them from the OCC website but there are a few resellers online. I know Stuff In Style (on Facebook) carries a few OCC products, including this concealer.

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