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NARS 2014 Collections: The Carina’s Wallet Death Trap

Ayayay. I slipped and stumbled into another NARS purchase. Actually, this collection for Spring 2014 did me in real good—I even ended up purchasing a few things from the permanent range. Oh, dear.

Let me show you what was responsible for my lapse in judgment.


OK, first up is the all-pink collection. Which, you would think, would deter me from purchasing anything. But noooooo. I am unstoppable and my decisions make no sense. There are four blushes, four satin lip pencils, and one illuminator. Can you guess which ones I ended up getting?

See the collection here.


GUH. This is a beautiful collection, but I bought only two items. Can you guess which? (I bet you can.) See the entire collection here. There are two eyeshadow duos, two nail polishes, two eyeliners, one satin lip pencil, two glosses, and one multiple. Here, have another photo:


GUH. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re releasing a 15-pan palette. YES.


I mean, come on world. You’re killing me (softly~). The NARSissist was available on Nordstrom by mistake, and I tried buying it on the NARS website, where it’s up, but I don’t have a US/Canadian credit card. Just as well, because I shouldn’t be buying this anyway. But… lookit. It’s so pretty. And compact. And complete! Unfortunately (or I guess, fortunately?) for me, this seems to be a dud. But now I want that Mekong single.

I’m so not interested in the cheek palette, even though it comes with a cute brush.

Also, for Spring 2014, check out this post on Spektra. (Seriously, click it. I’ll give you a clue re: what it’s about: MATTE MULTIPLES.) Swatches here and here. These are launching in March. I AM SO THERE.

So that is the story of my demise. Glad to have you here.

Post is affiliate link-free. NARS is cruelty-free, but is owned by Shiseido.


  1. badgalrayray says

    I was meaning to buy the NARSissist eye palette but temptalia’s rating just didn’t reach my standard before I purchase it. BUT. I might purchasing the cheek palette. It just seems more budget friendly.. I’m guessing you got the two duos or one duo and an eyeliner. Never tried Nars eyeshadows yet. Any recommendations for a first time purchase? 🙂

    • Bingo re: the duos! 🙂

      I only have Duos and Trios, but I really love Dogon, Grand Palais, and Habanera. I picked up Charade, too, and it’s gorgeous. I want to try Mekong, Lola Lola and Ashes to Ashes, all of which are singles. Agh, they have some of the best color stories. I think you should go to a counter and play with them and see what you end up liking 🙂

  2. Karen’s review of the narsissist palette on Makeupandbeautyblog made me buy it. I’m so waiting for those matte multiples!

    • GAAAAH. She makes me want to buy it, too, but the video swatches of some of the singles next to the palette pans were off!

      • Their blushes are definitely top notch. 🙂 They also have an excellent matte lipstick formula and have been making great base products recently. I would go with a blush, though. I love most of their eyeshadows, but they have an issue of consistency when it comes to that particular product.

  3. I’m crushing on the purple and gold e/s duo since I saw it at Cafe Makeup..but I should probably focus my “secreting” on the NARSissist palette..i’ll wait for it at overseas Duty Free!!!! :{

    • Haha don’t be sad! The duo is permanent naman daw so yay. 😀 Ack I need to exercise more self-control.

  4. croina says

    Im a sucker for NARS, everytime i go into the store that sells it i end up buying something… even from reading this post i went to the nars website and ordered Anne Follé larger than life lipgloss! 😀 great post!!


    Christ I wonder how much that’ll cost though, and that’s IF they stock it here!

    • RIGHHHHT. I asked the SA if they were going to be selling this here and she said no. But sometimes they don’t know what they’re talking about, so…

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