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5 Things Friday: Change Your Makeup Game

If you’ve ever longed for a simple step in your makeup routine that will add just a little bit of ‘oomph’ to it, well… I’ve got five! Obviously, you don’t need to do all (or any) of these steps, but they totally improved my makeup. At least, in my opinion!

5 Things

1. Finishing Powder
If you don’t want a defined highlight, but want to keep a little glow all over your face, grab a finishing powder like this gorgeous tin of Guerlan Météorites. They add just a bit of ‘wow’ to your face that most people will notice, but can’t quite place. Other favorites are the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders.

2. Primer
This is a tricky product, but investing in a primer is seriously one of the best things I’ve done. They make my foundation—liquid, powder or mineral—go on much more smoothly, and they extend the wear time of my bases. This is my favorite, the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, but worthy contenders are the Ellana Minerals Make it Last Primer* and the BECCA Resurfacing Primer.

3. Push Liner
This is a very small brush with barely any bristles, but it’s the perfect tool for tightlining your eyes. Tightlining is key for a defined eye, if you don’t like wearing thick liner. This brush, the G521 Eyeliner Brush D1 by Hakuhodo, is the perfect tool for that special extra step.

4. Nude Eyeliner
This is an oldie but a goodie: a nude liner applied on the waterline is your ticket to faking big & bright eyes. The Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl Pencil in Nude is a good one, but another great long-lasting pencil is the NARS Larger Than Life Eye Pencil in Rue Bonaparte.

5. White eye base
I’m not talking about an eye primer (we all know those are great), but a white eye base. To retain the vibrancy and intensity of an eye color, apply a creamy white base like this NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk beforehand. This little step will add so much to your makeup look, especially if you are going in for the brights or the pastels.

Do you have any favorite little extras that make a world of difference to your makeup? Do share!

* PR Sample. Guerlain and Rimmel are not cruelty-free.

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  1. Holla, Carina! Everything in this post is drool-worthy, lol. You know I saw one Guerlain x Emilio Pucci bronzer up for sale, but I don’t know if I should get it (totally off-topic, I know. Sorry!).

    I’ve tried that Hourglass Veil Mineral primer before but I really can’t decide whether it’s worth buying the full size or not. I’ve got my BECCA Ever-Matte that does the job really well for now, but I really do wanna give the Hourglass another chance! Also, Hakuhodo brushes are on my wishlist now! Where did you get yours? 🙂

    • Thanks Emae! I always wanted that one, but I’m not so pulled in by bronzers so I never bought it. 🙂

      I think you should stick with what works! I bought my brushes from hakuhodousa.com.

  2. Hey Carina, thanks for sharing! I actually don’t own 3, 4, and 5! Nothing stays on my lower waterline, so a nude liner doesn’t have much of a point for me. NYX Jumbo Pencil creases on me within minutes even with a primer, and I haven’t looked elsewhere for a white base. I’m totally with you on a good finishing powder! Guerlain makes my favorites as well. For the moment I use Crazy Meteorites on my cheeks and Les Voilettes in my T-zone.

    • That’s so annoying about eye makeup creasing! D: What eye primer do you use, by the way? 🙂 Mine crease pretty much easily, but I have found several bases that work well with my chemistry hehe. I totally want to check out the pressed Meteorites. Have you tried the new formula btw?

      • Hey Carina, my tube of the NARS primer is almost finished, but I bought a tube of UDPP a while ago so I’ll crack that open soon. I haven’t tried the new formula yet! I’m not sure I’ll grab a tub anytime soon, because I already own several Guerlain powders that work very well for me.

    • What is the water for? Does it function the same as setting spray or is it for taking down the powderiness?

      • For taking down the powderiness! It’s great especially because I have a tendency to put on too much powder when using the Ambient Lighting Powders – they’re so powdery.

      • Ah, I take care applying that stuff, because it’s so subtle that it’s easy to overapply, I agree!

  3. I think Guerlain is one of my favourite make up brands, they are so luxurious that its a real splurge, Im still trying to find a primer that gives me a wow effect. I always like the ones I buy then get bored of them pretty quickly. Steph x

    • Haha, me too. I have such a short attention span. I love Guerlain too, but I’ve stopped buying their products after a while because they’re not cruelty-free. I love them, though. I don’t think I’ve met a Guerlain product that I didn’t like!

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