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Swatchfest and First Impressions: Oslo Cosmetics

Oslo Haul 2

No joke. Every time I see a new purchase I receive in the mail, The National plays in my head: “Oh you’ve done it again, Virginia…” Except my name is Carina but I think I get the point. Anyway. This is a second order I placed for Oslo Cosmetics mid-December. It got shipped out on the 31st and I only got it today. Welcome to International Shipping!

This time, my order is much smaller. I got 5 eyeshadows, a lip slick, an eye primer thing, and a blush sampler. I got a sample of a blush for free.

Here us everything, swatched, but of course, I’ll talk a bit about each thing I bought. As you can see, I am the world champion at sucking at swatches.

Oslo Haul 2 - Swatches
Swatched, L-R: Voltanis, Winter is Coming, Lux, Andromeda, Asterism eyeshadows, Hibiscus Lip Slick, Sextens, Equillus, Caille, Indi, Gemini, and Pictor blushes.

Oslo Haul 2 - Voltanis

Voltanis is a kind of a patina’d gold that’s pretty frosty as a finish. It’s described as a “Smoldering, metallic, deep primal gold.” It’s quite pretty and arrived to me the clumpiest.

Oslo Cosmetics - Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming looks like a super cool blackened blue. Oslo described it as “A duochrome blue violet with blue sparkles.” I can definitely see the violet shift and I can’t wait to wear it.

Oslo Cosmetics - Lux

Lux is a neutral brown that’s super pretty as a lid color for everyday. It’s described as a “Soft, shimmery, satin taupe-brown.”

Oslo Cosmetics - Andromeda

Andromeda is a very warm chocolate-y brown, with a matte brown base and some warm red sparks. Oslo describes it as a “Shimmery, chocolately brown, with duochrome red shift, and orange duochrome glitter.”

Oslo Cosmetics - Asterism

Asterism looks super similar to Asterism, but this shade is less red and more frosty. It is described as “Sparkly warm brown, with red shift and orange glitter.”

Oslo Haul 2 - Half Swatch 1
Swatched, L-R: Voltanis, Winter is Coming, Lux, Andromeda, Asterism, Hibiscus, Sextens, Equilus, Caille

Oslo - Hibiscus

Swatched right beside the shadows is Hibiscus, a pale warm pinky peach Lip Slick. It’s described as a “Peachy coral-pink creme.” There are no shimmers and it has decent slide and pigmentation. I have yet to try it on my lips.

Oslo Haul - Blush Sampler Set

Next, I ordered a blush sampler set since I wanted to try more indie blushes after my positive experience with “Carina.” I didn’t want to order full sizes just yet, so I decided to get five shades in baggies. Joyce from Oslo threw in another shade.

Oslo Haul 2 - Messy

My package was so messy because of the baggies, though. I was thinking something spilled or got punctured, but everything was sealed tight. I think these were from the residue from them putting the blushes in the baggies.

Oslo Haul 2 - Half Swatch 2
Swatched, L-R: Andromeda, Asterism, Hibiscus, Sextens, Equilus, Caille, Indi (super skinny swatch), Gemini, Pictor

Sextens is a dusky rose matte blush, described as a “beautiful, deep, matte red-berry blush.” Equilus is a warm deep coral matte blush, described as a “Glowy, mid toned matte, red-pink blush.” Caille is another bright one—a highlighter pink described as a “Bright, cosmic matte light pink.” It’s the only blush here that’s not part of the Arc Collection. Indi is a pinkish lavender matte described as a “Light, matte lavender-pink blush.” Gemini is a pale violet matte, similar to Indi but less pinky, more purple and is described as a “Matte purple-lavender-pink blush.” Lastly, Pictor, the free blush, is a pale pink with high intensity golden glitter/shimmer. It is described as a “Radiant, shimmery gold, light pink blush/highlighter.” The shimmer here is very heavy and gets everywhere.

Haven’t had to test these out, but I am quite excited! 🙂 The sample baggies are extremely messy, but I don’t know yet if I want to depot them into little pots.

I haven’t tried the eye primer yet, so I’ll give an update on that in the future. I will say, though, that the consistency is very liquid-y and weird.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this look at more Oslo colors, in case you were thinking of getting stuff for yourself. In case you want to see more, I swatched my first Oslo order here.

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  1. Holy expletive, they look like mineral ore! Sometimes I don’t feel so bad about not having extra dough to spend on cosmetics because, well, I wouldn’t be spending them on cosmetics BUT: THEM PRETTIES T_T Is Hibiscus the rightmost swatch? Sorry, I’m swooning.

    Also, I haven’t seen (nor googled) “galaxy” make-up looks but these could maybe definitely be used for that. What do you think?

    • Probably! Lots of brands have multi-sparkle colors, so those would be interesting to see. The swatches have the names at the bottom of each swatch pic. 🙂 Hibiscus is the balmy glossy looking swatch.

  2. Ahhh not surprisingly, my favorites here are the green/neutral eyeshadows! I can’t be bothered to work with loose eyeshadows, but every time I see them I want them! Such sparkling goodness 🙂

      • Just an idea: I’d probably bust my Naked 1 out. There are some darker shades in there (Darkhorse for example) that could work!

  3. I am getting more and more into those pigments and loose eyeshadows. I like all the colours, my favourite ones are fyrinnae but I have to check out all the other amazing ones. I like how complex they can be compared to pressed eyeshadows xxx

    • Glad to hear that, Claire! 🙂 I find them quite hard to resist myself. I have yet to try Fyrinnae since they don’t ship out to where I live, but I agree, the complexity gets me! Even if they’re not always so visible when worn.

  4. Ohmigod. Those swatches. I hate pigments because of how messy they are but they are too too pretty for me to ignore. I can’t wait to see what kind of looks you’ll make from these!

    Just a note, you placed ‘Asterism looks super similar to Asterism’ there when I think you mean ‘Andromeda’.

    • Thanks for the note, Nat. I apparently did not proofread this post very well… Haha. I love loose eyeshadow! I find them super hard to resist!

  5. wow these looks amazing! i think volatanis and winter is coming are both such beauts! I’m not really a hug fan of pigments though because of the mess they entail. 😦

    • Yay, thanks! I really haven’t encountered a major mess when using loose makeup. 🙂 Maybe you can try a sticky base on your lids or applying them with a damp brush!

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