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5 Things Friday: Natural Skin Care

This week’s 5 Things Friday features some skin care items on the more natural side of things. By ‘natural,’ I just mean that they are made from relatively a few ingredients that are easily derived from nature. Kinda like a DIY, except someone else did it for me and repackaged them in a convenient(ish) manner. I know there isn’t a lot of variety here, but I think it’s a good place to start!

Human Nature 100% Natural Day Moisturizer (Php 149.75)
This baby boasts of 15 vitamins and minerals, and being 100% harmful chemical-free. I bought this to replace my AHAVA Essential Day Moisturizer, which I love but is also quite expensive to replenish. I thought it would be nice to support a local brand, too. I really like this moisturizer; it’s quite light and easy on the skin.

Human Nature 100% Natural Cleansing Oil (Php 350)
I have mixed feelings about this because the only difference this has from the Sunflower Oil by Human Nature is that this one has fragrance. When I used it, though, I was thankful for the additive, because I can’t stand the smell of pure sunflower oil (which I use on my skin, just not my face). This takes out most of my makeup but requires a wipe down with cloth or cotton, though I tend to use a facial wash after.

Human Nature Nourishing Facial Wash (Php 199.75 for 200ml/USA: $9.99)
I used a different variant prior to this (the one with Moringa) and couldn’t stand the heavy smell. My sister and I decided to give this a shot after we finished up the other bottle. I quite like this! It’s a clear gel, as opposed to the cream we were using. Quite refreshing to use and doesn’t smell atrocious, and it didn’t break me out.

Glory Boon Face Polish ($15)
I was looking for a natural, cruelty-free face scrub to switch to from my beloved St. Ives Green Tea Scrub (they relinquished their CF status a few months ago). This is made with carrot seed oil and honey. The texture is pretty crumbly, so I tend to mix it with the tiniest bit of water before rubbing it all over my face. It’s not the same as the St. Ives Scrub, but it’s good enough! I feel like I can DIY this, though.

Glory Boon Facial in a Jar ($20)
This is pretty much straight up clay. I love it. It works wonders. Masks like this help the skin by drawing out the toxins to the surface of the skin, reducing acne breakouts, blackheads and milia. It also has long-term benefits, though I have yet to see them as this is a fairly new product for me.

There you have it! I hope this post helped you out, if you were looking to go a more natural route. I know these are still products that are packaged, but I think it’s a step closer to the goal of natural skin care that you actually make yourself.

This post is affiliate link-free. All products are cruelty-free.

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  1. I’m actually going to this route and the first step I did to get closer to this goal is to get SKii which is bloody expensive! But I’m acne prone and I haven’t found a natural ingredient that actually works on my skin. I love TBS Tea Tree Oil, though. 🙂

      • I don’t think it is natural. Pitera lang yun “natural” ingredient nya and they had legal issues before when p&g took over the brand. I dunno if ill repurchase kasi ang mahal talaga even if i like it.

        I haven’t tried clay masks. What clay mask do you reco? I’ve only tried mud masks from AHAVA.

      • The clay mask I tried is just pure kaolin clay! Ang saya niya. 😀 Super fresh.

  2. Huhu I got white bumps when I used Human Nature’s Day Moisturizer, bet na bet ko pa naman yung ingredients plus its very affordable. 😦 nalungkot ako bigla pagkabasa ko nito I really really want to use Human Nature pero alam mo yun parang na-friend zone? Di kami compatible. (Lol what?)

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