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Adventures in Contouring: Illamasqua Cream Foundation

I could never get contouring right. I have been blessed with a really round face, so usually a contour just looks out of place. I stopped myself from buying bronzers when I reached 3 (though I only ever use one for contour attempts), but when I saw this Illamasqua Cream Foundation in a darker shade on sale for £5 from £23, I thought it was worth giving it a try.

Illamasqua cream Foundation 2

It comes in a pinched-square standard Illamasqua packaging. I actually looked for the technical term for this… and it turns out it’s just a square… in hyperbolic, non-Euclidian geometry…

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 5.19.07 PM

… so never mind. It’s just a ‘pinched square’ as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, it comes with a full-sized mirror and a sponge that I don’t use because I don’t intend to use it on my face.

Illamasqua cream Foundation - Swatches

I got the shade 320, which is just a couple of notches darker than my original skin color. It’s actually a pretty great contour color. I like how the cream foundation stays put.

Product Description: “Create a base that brings out the bold in you. Illamasqua Cream Foundation provides medium-full coverage and works with your skin to cover and enhance. It blends easily, allowing you to vary coverage as much or as little as you need, effortlessly balancing uneven skin tone and giving you the control to create a flawless finish. Comes in a mirror compact for touch-ups on the go.”

Illamasqua cream Foundation - Face 2

The result is actually… pretty good if I do say so myself. I wish I had gotten it in my real shade, though I’m not too keen on wearing it all over my face because of the strong vanilla scent, GAG. This one blends into my skin pretty well, though. I tried it all over the face and it just looks a touch darker than my regular skin color, so it’s technically wearable.

For contouring, though—I use the standard “3/E” method—I used a tapered Kabuki brush from Ellana Minerals* to apply and blend the foundation into the hollows of my cheeks, and along the edges of my face. I patted on Ellana Minerals Loose Powder Foundation* over my entire face, as my base.

Illamasqua cream Foundation - Face 1

All in all, I’m happy about this purchase!

Illamasqua cream Foundation 1

Illamasqua is cruelty-free.

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  1. Tina says

    At first I thought this is a foundation. Ang ganda mo!!! Suits you!!!

  2. Hope you get to try hollow too. Been curious about it, a contour shade for pale people daw, but I’m wondering how it would work for people our shade.

    I keep reminding myself that it might turn out on me like how Nyx Taupe for you.

    • It’s been on my list forever but I gave up on it cos it’s so expensive and I don’t contour naman all that much.

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