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Unboxing: Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP March 2014

Hey everyone, just a quick post for today. 🙂 Before I left for Japan, I had gotten the March box from my Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP Subscription. For those not in the know, it’s basically a monthly subscription box from Le Métier de Beauté.

The box’s set-up is an upfront payment for all 12 months. Each box costs roughly around $30, and this is the seventh box so far. If you’re curious about the subscription, here are my posts on it. Sign-ups open back up after this round is done.

Le Metier de Beaute - Beauty Vault VIP - March 2014 - Box

Boxes often come in this manner, with crinkly shredded black paper as the padding, a handwritten note, and a beautiful box tied with a black LMdB ribbon.

Le Metier de Beaute - Beauty Vault VIP - March 2014

We received two items this month, the Le Métier de Beauté Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo and the Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge Correcteur Concealer, which is a product I’ve been longing to try but can’t seem to bring myself to because of the price tag.

Le Metier de Beaute - Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo

The Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo retails for $150 for eight pads (a total of 4 pairs or $37.50 per pair).

Product Description: “Refresh under-eyes in an instant with the Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo from Le Métier de Beauté. Perfectly shaped, translucent treatment patches help restore the delicate under-eye area with an infusion of moisturizing actives. Featuring patented technology, the seaweed-based masks immediately cool, delivering tuned hydration to deeply quench and refresh tired skin. The perfect amount of moisture packed into one package, ideal for keeping under-eyes refreshed and revived at home or on-the-go.

Features and benefits:

  • Translucent masks seal in one-way hydration to energize and brighten eyes.
  • Seaweed-based formula immediately delivers a cool, calming sensation with key actives to soothe the delicate, under-eye area.
  • Individual sachets ideal for extended air travel, hotel stays, or boosting moisture after exercise.
  • Translucent patches deliver moisture discretely and effectively.

It has been getting really great reviews, but I don’t think that any effect will be noticeable after just one use. Still, I think it’s a nice thing to even try out. I love masks of all kinds!

Le Metier de Beaute - Peau Vierge Concealer - Medium - Pen

Next up is the Peau Vierge Correcteur Concealer which is sort of a popular product of theirs. It retails for $95 and they offer it in two shades and I got it in Medium, thank God.

Product Description: “This luxuriously creamy concealer has the power to naturally cover flaws as it corrects them. The formula is designed to work like skincare—it encourages collagen production, diminishes the appearance of dark circles, softens lines, blurs blemishes and tightens the look of pores within a week of daily use. Light-diffusing coverage creates a smooth, luminous, undetectable finish. Broad-spectrum SPF 16 protects the skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays.”

Le Metier de Beaute - Peau Vierge Concealer - Medium - Swatch

I can deal with concealer or bases that are a littler darker than those that are a little too light for me. Anyway, I am so excited to try this out because it has retinol (which has been really working well for my skin) as well as SPF Protection.

Overall a great box, I think. I don’t usually splurge on eye “care” or concealer (save for the recent purchase of the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I am loving to death), so this was a great way to finally go through with it.

My only concern is if I end up liking both and will feel the need to repurchase. Ah, I am a strange person, I know.

The total value of this box is $ 132.5.

Le Métier de Beauté is cruelty-free. The subscription was purchased for me by Sarie.

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    • I think it’s because of the retinol + skin care stuff they put in there. But yes, LMdB tends to be more expensive than even mid-range brands. Gah.

  1. Argh I need to sign up for this, but I fear the value of the boxes are going to drop as this becomes more popular. Nice haul!

    • That’s something to consider, yes! I doubt they’ll include kaleidoscopes in the future since they just opened up a Kaleidoscope sub!

  2. Thanks for the post! I love retinol, it’s done amazing things for my skin. But isn’t it kind of a no-no to wear it in the daytime, even with an SPF? My dermatologist told me to make sure to wash it off every morning as the medicine changes when exposed to light and can cause skin irritation. Let me know what you think! I hope the product works because I love the idea of diminishing dark under-eye circles in a permanent way.

    • Hey Janie! I looked it up for you, and this is what they are claiming about the retinol in this product:
      –Retinol is delivered through a patented and proprietary delivery technology called Syntoc Actif which encapsulates the Retinol and allows it to safely and effectively penetrate the skin.
      —Traditional over-the-counter products have very poor penetration—less than 2% of active ingredients are actually absorbed. In comparison, with Syntoc Actif, 20 times more Retinoic Acid is absorbed into the deeper skin layers, making it the most effective cosmetic Retinoid treatment on the market.

      • Nice- thanks! Once I have money again I may actually have to try it… all the concealers I’ve tried crease and flake off, making me look more tired than if I had gone barefaced haha. Thanks for the info!

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