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Rouge Bunny Rouge Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Primer

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Primer

I know, I know. I said no more primers. But I am a stupid bint. A lucky one, though, because the Rouge Bunny Rouge Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Primer is quite good. Not the best I’ve tried, but certainly not the worst. I got it at about 40% off the retail price.

Product Description: “This water-based texture is so light and refreshing on your skin that you will feel like floating through the clouds, but it contains plethora of active ingredients. Sea-Buckthorn Berry Extract serves as a superb-antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredient that promotes cell tissue regeneration. Iris Florentina Root Extract smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles to create a perfect canvas for other products to be applied to the skin. Saccharide Isomerate provides intensive hydration, firming and smoothing; Bisabolol is used for its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Vitamin E Acetate and Retinol Palmitate improve skin texture. Now you know why we are so excited to bring you this miracle in a bottle.”

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Primer - Bottle Closeup

The bottle is actually quite pretty. It’s in a frosted white glass bottle with a shiny black cap and some floral detailing all around the sides.

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Primer - Pump

The pump is actually really cute, too. All the detail makes me believe in Rouge Bunny Rouge as a luxury brand. It cares about its image, and it wants you to experience it in the best way possible. Which probably explains all the flowery text, too.

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Primer - Swatch

The texture of the primer is actually pretty-lotion like: opaque and milky, but not runny or too thick. It’s light on the skin, and I’m actually pretty much an instant fan because of all the great ingredients it has. I have to look into it more, but the ones they’ve highlighted make me appreciate this primer as a skin care step, too.

Just for kicks, here’s the rest of the product info that highlights some of its many uses:

Apply our Aqua Primer after your usual cleansing routine—it can be used alone as a moisturiser, too. Holds foundation and other tinted complexion products onto the skin and helps prevent colour change.

For a truly natural look, mix our PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS with our Liquid Foundation and apply. The effect is that of a light, dewy tinted moisturiser.

Apply to the eyelids and lips as a base to give even longer lasting wear. Mix with the eye shadows for an all-day, crease resistant finish and even more colour depth.

One of the Rouge Bunny Rouge marvels; you’ll soon know just why… Floating isles of melted spray cloud from the Enchanted Garden have inspired us to create this unctuously soft make-up prelude.

Use it like the rambunctiously wily Rain-Pixies, who harness it to help keep their skin looking dewy. Your face will be cushioned with an invisible layer of comfort and hydration, pores minimised and make-up lasts all day long. Wear it on its own for fresh and juicily soft skin; a downright dangerously innocent look. Worn in partnership with our foundation, the combination will bestow you with superbly smooth skin for an unequalled sophistication. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is cruelty-free.

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