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Stylenanda 3CE Under Eye Flash in #6 African Sunset*

Stylenanda 3CE - Under Eye Flash - African Sunset

I’m not going to lie—getting 3CE products in these boxes is always my favorite part! 3CE or 3 Concept Eyes is a cosmetics brand by Korean fashion line, Stylenanda. I first heard about them from Wiji, who posted about them nearly a year ago.

There’s something really attractive about their branding and identity, and I think it comes across in their campaigns and their products.

The 3CE Under Eye Flash* is a liner designed to “brighten and add depth to your eyes.” It is long-lasting, and can be used for definition and sparkling complexity.

“EYE FLASH EFFECT”: The name “eye-flash” given to this under-eye makeup is most proper for its soft colors. Retain and brighten up the eyes and adds depth to the eyes for a gorgeous appearance.

“LONG-LASTING WATERPROOF EYE LINER”: This water-proof liner is built to last on both moist and oily lids maintaining a smudge-free, clean, neat look all day long.

“RICHNESS AND DEPTH OF COLOR”: Maintain a sensual color without having to reapply the makeup due to excellent color fixing ability.

“SOFT CREAMY TEXTURE”: Minimized irritation to the eye with its soft, sliding texture most fitting to add depth to your eyes by blending.

I got the shade #6 African Sunset, which they have described as a “burgundy tone fused with brown.” I actually feel like it translates more as a copper on my skin tone.

Stylenanda 3CE - Under Eye Flash - African Sunset - Pencil

The pencil itself is quite short (maybe 2/3 of the MAC Eye Kohl), but it’s retractable and very sleek. I thought it was pretty similar, if a little lighter than my other brown pencils, so I swatched all of them together for comparison:

Stylenanda 3CE - Under Eye Flash - African Sunset - Swatches

#6 African Sunset is much lighter and warmer than the rest of my brown pencils. This makes me feel like it won’t really look right on my lower lid if worn alone. In terms of texture, the 3CE pencil is quite creamy and opaque, comparable to the MAC kohls and the UD 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. The Rouge Bunny Rouge pencil is perhaps the stiffest and least creamy of the bunch.

3CE Stylenanda Under Eye Flash Face and Eyes - African Sunset

The texture is pretty perfect for use on the delicate and sensitive eye area. Here, I’ve worn it on my lower waterline and lash line, but smudged it out a bit with a chocolate brown shadow from Addiction. I think it’s an interesting color that’s perfect for summer and fall.

I wore this for the whole day and it didn’t budge or smudge, the latter of which happens to me a lot when I wear creamy liners. These retail for $12.11, which is pretty steep for 0.4g of product.

They come in six different shades that are all pretty wearable and lovely, photo from their site:
The price is a bit high, in my opinion, because the pencil is so small. However, if you are interested in any of the colors (I’m drawn to pretty much all of them, but #1 Romanticism, #2 Pitter Patter, and #4 Brown Sugar, most especially) and can get them with ease, I would definitely recommend them 100%. I’ll be going to Korea in November, and I’ll be sure to pick some of these up.

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* This item was provided for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Whoaaa Pitter Patter is making my heart go Pitter Patter! I already own at least 2 shimmery golden khaki eyeliners, but who doesn’t need more of those!

  2. These liners are all so pretty but I prefer African sunset. I like the color and I think it will match my palettes here.

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