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My Addiction Addiction: Spoils from Japan, 2014

Addiction Addiction - 2014 Buys

I did it again. Here are some of the things I picked up from Addiction on my last trip to Jay-pan. With the intention of possibly picking up the new quad in Departure, I ended up walking away with three single eyeshadows (Rigoletto, Sand Dune, and Truffle), a cheek stick (Rose Bar), and a lipstick for my sister (Vamp).

Addiction Eyeshadow - Rose Bar

I’m a big fan of Addiction’s Cheek Sticks, and Rose Bar brings the number I have to 5. Cheek Sticks are multi-purpose products for use on the eyes, cheeks, and lips, but I found that all of them work best as cheek products. Rose Bar is a beautiful neutral shade that’s a great deal pinker than Tea Rose, which I already have.

As for the eyeshadows, which everyone knows I can’t resist, I picked up 3, bringing the total of my Addiction E/S singles to 8.

Addiction Eyeshadow - Rigoletto

Rigoletto is a beautiful sheeny pale peach. It is absolutely gorgeous. I was not ever intending on getting this, ever, except swatching it was like a revelation. I could just imagine it on my lid, and I decided I wanted that. It has an ME or metallic finish.

Addiction Eyeshadow - Sand Dune

Sand Dune is a pale, dirty olive with a P or Pearl finish. I had my eye on White Pepper, which this was beside, but I ended up picking this up instead since it looked so gorgeous and seemed to suit my skin tone better than White Pepper, which has a bit more yellow in it.

Addiction - Eyeshadow - Truffle

Lastly, I have Truffle, which is a deep, matte chocolate brown. This is absolutely beautiful and creamy. I wasn’t intending on getting a brown, but I don’t have any other matte singles by Addiction, and this just looked so rich when I swatched it. It’s a touch warm.

And of course, some swatches:

Addiction 2014 Haul - Swatches - Rigoletto, Sand Dune, Truffle, Rose Bar
Swatched, L-R: eyeshadows (Rigoletto, Sand Dune, Truffle), cheek stick (Rose Bar)

Addiction 2014 - Swatches - Rigoletto, Sand Dune, Truffle, Rose Bar

I actually used all of the eyeshadows in the ff. look:

Addiction Eyeshadows - Face - Rigoletto, Truffle, Sand Dune

I placed Rigoletto all over the inner half of the lid, blending it out to Sand Dune on the outer corner. Under the lower lash line, I smudged a bit of Truffle to soften a copper eye liner, and to create a bit of a haze and soft definition.

3CE Stylenanda Under Eye Flash Face and Eyes - African Sunset

I absolutely love Addiction, and I hope I can get more of their shades. I just stopped myself because I don’t think I should get so many impractical shades from a brand that isn’t even accessible here in Manila. I think the colors I got are pretty perfect, though. At least to tide me over until I can next visit a counter.

Addiction is owned by Kosé, which is not cruelty-free.

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  1. Beautiful shades! Too bad they aren’t CF 😦 The cheek stick suits your skin tone well!

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