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Sleek Blush in Coral 933

Sleek Blush - Coral - Pan

I got this beautiful Sleek blush from my swap with Laala a few months ago. It is a beautiful coral (aptly named Coral 933) and is perfect for the summer, which is actually more appropriate to call this heat we are weathering in a Manila. I’ve faced it a long time ago—we don’t get spring here.

Sleek Blush - Coral - Swatch

Coral 933 is a beautiful warm coral with very little pink or red undertones. It had very subtle shimmer, kind of golden, that comes off as a natural glossiness, again perfect for summer or even spring.

I was so surprised at how pigmented this is, as Sleek is one of the more affordable brands on the market. I’ve worn it lightly below, but it is definitely a blush at you can build up to a brighter and more opaque color.

Sleek Blush - Coral 933 - Face

This look isn’t very spring-y, I agree, but I think it’s rather pretty!

Sleek Blush - Compact

Thanks to Laala for introducing this blush to me! I’ve yet to check its animal testing policy—the general consensus is that there is no consensus—but this is one of the better drugstore/high street brands. At least as far as blushes go!

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  1. Sleeeek! I’ve always wanted to try that brand since it’s kinda my blog’s namesake but I’ve always thought that it isn’t CF.

  2. Ooooh Sleek, I now own their Sunset and Diva palette and love the two of them lots. What lipstick are you wearing by the way? You look so glamarous in that photo!

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