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Helping Each Other Out: Blogging How-To’s


Blogging has grown into such a different monster from what it was when I first found out about it. It used to be every nerd’s outlet but now most of it’s sort of been an extended arm of PR and advertising. When I started blogging, it was kind of really easy because you didn’t have to think of content; you just wrote whatever came to mind. Blogging these days, however, requires a little bit more forward-thinking.

I’m still trying to understand the blogging world now, but I have found a lot of helpful people whenever I read my feed. I thought I should compile them all here, in case you’re hankering for some help setting up your super cool new blog, but don’t really know where to start.

Blogging for Newbs by Lipstick With Some Sunshine (pretty basic, straightforward & concise)
How to Start a Beauty Blog by Lily Pebbles
An earlier version of How to Start a Beauty Blog by Lily Pebbles
The Luxola Guide to Starting a Beauty Blog (Part I) by Bea of LXEdit

Working with Backgrounds by Lily Pebbles (helpful tips for composition, styling etc.)
Blogging Equipment & Photography Tips by Vivianna Does Makeup
Product Photography & Lightbox Alternatives by Eula Sleeps

Custom CSS for Blogger by Eula Sleeps
Customizing CSS by Eula Sleeps
Layout Theory by Eula Sleeps

Extra Blogging and Organisational Tips by Lily Pebbles
The Luxola Guide to Starting a Beauty Blog (Part 2) by Bea of LXEdit
Blogging & Being Organised by Jennypurr
Getting Organised by Bonjour Luce

How to Start a YouTube Channel by Vivianna Does Makeup
Vlogging Tips & Tricks by Vivianna Does Makeup

Blogging on a budget by Jennypurr
What Blogging has taught me by Jennypurr
Keeping the Blog Fresh by Bonjour Luce
A Blogging Rut by Fabulous K
Getting Your Blogging Mojo Back by Fabulous K

Bloggie Wednesdays by Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous
Simply Beauty Blogging Tips by Paris of My Women Stuff

Feel free to share any other posts that have helped or are helping you out with starting a blog. Link yours down below, if you have any insight to this, too.

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  1. Just my two cents: some stuff by Tom Wolfe also works since the guy’s focus is on New Journalism, his “Radical Chic” piece was a starting point for me when I delved into blogging.

  2. Thanks for the links and the linkback! I love seeing how blogs are made as much I like reading them.

    Took me while to realize that was a carrot and not some wrinkled digit…

  3. Woohoo — thanks for compiling! Love reading these! I esp enjoy Bloggie Wednesdays by Beautyholics Anonymous 🙂
    Eula’s tips are concretely useful too 🙂

  4. Awesome compilation of blogging resources. I’ve found that blogging communities are really great too – there’s tons of Facebook groups for bloggers who share content and ask for clicks, comments, pins… etc. I’m part of a group called TX Women Bloggers as well as a few more local ones. SITS Girls is really great too. Twitter parties/chats are useful to get more followers but I can never bring myself to attend them on time :-/

    Ultimately, most bloggers get caught up in the stats, I know I used to – nowadays, I don’t care much, the influx of readers will come when they come, right? 😉 Stats aren’t what blogs are about. You just have to keep reminding yourself why you blog and likeminded readers will find you. Anyways, these informative links are always helpful. Even the most seasoned blogger doesn’t know everything. Thanks!

    • Hi Mariko! That’s so awesome. 🙂 We have one here, too, but I’m not so active in it. I think I am trying to make it a tad more “professional,” just because I feel like it’s worth working really hard on, too. 🙂 But yes, it’s always about your passion as well as the community foremost!

      Glad to have helped you out!

  5. Thanks for the links! I love reading blogging articles, and definitely about beauty blogging in specific since I’m (relatively) new to it.

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