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Mascara Backlog

Mascara Queued

I might have a problem.

I have 5 kinds of mascara open right now (3 full-size, 2 samples), but these are the ones that I have yet to even try. I can’t seem to curb my mascara enthusiasm and buy more than I can use up in one time. Actually, no, that’s not true. I have been holding back. Imagine my “to-test” pile if I didn’t give a crap.

We beauty lovers tend to over-buy stuff and hoard things we don’t need, but mascara seems to be a bit trickier since it expires fast (and it is unhygienic to ignore the expiration durations here) and you can only use it so much. I don’t know how to get the most “bang for my buck,” so to speak.

What is your “problem area” when it comes to makeup? Mine is actually eyeshadow, but I’m so overwhelmed by the fact that I have so much unopened mascara! I’m so curious to see how these will fare with my lashes, but I’m also scared of germs so I’m putting off opening them, until I can dispose of other older mascara.

For now, I shall yearn.

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    • My last foundation purchase was NARS Sheer Glow, too. I love it a lot but it’s been to hot to wear out where I live.

  1. I started throwing out mascaras a lot. I still like to try new ones, but it’s always “so is it better or worse than my favorite?” kind of deal. If it’s better, than well, it’s the one I’ll be using from now on then. If it’s worse, to the bin it goes. Even if I were to use mascara every day (which I don’t), I still will maybe be able to finish ONE tube in at least 6 months. Which is tops of how long it should be used for anyway. So basically there’s no reason to try to use up those that are not my favorite. Better to just enjoy and use up the one I like the best.

    Speaking of mascaras…. Kiko had 50% off mascaras last month, so I bought 4! (ouch!) First I only got 1 and it knocked my previous top contender (Essence Volume Curl, which they discontinued, but now brought back) off the top of my chart. So I figured I’d be interested to try others Kiko makes, since first one was such a success. And then I couldn’t pick just one 😉 I’m saving them for when I go visit my family and me, my mom and my sister could all have a go at them and pick favorites.

    • Ah! I think I should stick to cheaper mascaras, but it’s hard to find good ones from CF brands that are CHEAP. Have you tried any of essence’s? I might give those a go soon. I really like Maybelline’s, but ugh. Animal testing and all that. 😦

      That’s really true, though, I don’t really use the mascara I don’t like haha. I mean, I try for a few months then I throw them out if they don’t work out.

      Agh, so jealous of KIKO accessibility. I wasn’t that into makeup when I was in Europe. Ah, so nice. ❤

      • In my experience, Essence “get BIG! lashes volume CURL” is the best of Essence mascaras. The older version comes in silver gray tube, the new one is in coral. It used to be my absolutely favorite for over a year. Until Kiko’s “EXTRA CURL” beat it. They give nearly identical results when applied, but Kiko’s never ever smudges under eyes and I like the brush better (besides the tube is seriously cool looking :D).

        Can you tell I always go for curling mascaras? 😉 My lashes are very stubbornly straight. They’re actually pointing down. I need all the help I can get.

      • Thanks so much for the recs! My lashes are also so straight, short, and stubborn, which I guess means I can use all the help in any which way a mascara takes me, heh!

  2. Foundations and other face products. I only have one face 😦 and I want to try many of them. But I don’t even wear them everyday. I don’t understand myself.

  3. My problem area is also eyeshadow. I keep coveting more and more, and I’ve noticed that I don’t even use that much eyeshadow anymore. In fact, I’m probably going to go through them all and throw a lot away. There are a bunch that are getting old, and I don’t really want to put them near my eye anymore. :S

    • Oh no! I still love eyeshadow, but I think I really should own up to the fact that I have too many.

  4. I love their little container, haha. They look so forlorn, like you crushed the cup with them in it.

    Frankly, what’s scaring me right now is the lengthening list of products I’m deeming necessary. How many brushes again for a single pair of eyes, Sasha? Really? Still, I don’t know, I was the doofus who stuck with one mascara for about a year because she didn’t know those things even expired, not even when she cried the moment she swiped some on. (I have a new one now. And a wee sneeze of a sample. I’M LEARNING.)

    • YEAH, LIKE I WAS MAD AT BUYING THEM OR SOMETHING. Which I’m not, but we can all pretend.

      You know, multiple brushes is OK because you can’t keep deep-cleaning them after every use, since that wears them out. I’m lenient with eyeshadow brushes because I use them a lot. I just have a couple for face and blush, etc. Eyebrushes, though. They essential for the kind of makeup I wear. :3

      HAHAHA SHIIIIT. I used to play with my mom’s makeup and recently (like months ago) found out that you CAN’T SHARE MASCARA and I’m like, “SORRY MAMA” :(((

  5. Lip products. I have so many lipsticks, they could last me a lifetime….even though most of them would technically ‘expire’ by this time next year :p

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