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Music Festival Carry-Ons: For Lolas

Lola means “grandmother”in Filipino, which is pretty much an accurate descriptor of my whole entire being true self. This lola went to a music festival called Wanderland a few days ago and this is what this lola brought along. The “beauty” bits, at least. Lord knows I brought PRICKLY HEAT POWDER and WET WIPES, because like I said, my true self is a lola.

Music Festival Stuff

Pressed powder & oil blotting sheets to battle the oilies. SPF’d lip balm for sun protection & lip moisture. A cute lip color—my current favorite!—for cuteness. Cheek tint for extra cuteness. Sunscreen* for uselessness because we didn’t even go until the sun was about to set. An expensive misting of water, because you never know when you’re going to need that, what with the heat of the world these days and all.

The funny thing is that I didn’t even use any of this stuff I brought with me. Because I was too busy being a fake lola and having fun, well way into the night!

I want to know: What would you bring to a music festival? Do you think you’d end up using anything you brought along?

* PR Sample

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  1. baby wipes (doubles as facial wipes and hand wipes), dry tissue (never know if the portalets will be stocked), either Burts Bees tinted lip balm or the one w/ eucalyptus, a spare ziplock bag to put your phone in just in case it rains, stick sunblock (the smaller the better), big shades, a refillable water bottle, and because I might just be more lola than you, a fanny pack to put it all in because i hate totes and backpacks at these events!
    minimal make up (and by minimal i mean 1) primarily because the music festivals i go to are usually insane sweat fests so it’s really survival of the fittest! good idea about the prickly heat powder though, might just copy that!

    • Oo nga no, re: the ziplock! Haha I doubt it will be a torrential downpour, though. I mean, I hope not. Grabe, can all of this fit in a fanny pack!

  2. OMG prickly heat powder! I need to break that out for myself for some cooling action, even for things outside a music festival.

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