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My Beauty Diary Egg White Gommage Peeling Facial Wash Off Mask*

My Beauty Diary - Egg White Gommage Peeling

I’m not the biggest fan of girly, frilly packaging, so I wasn’t really expecting much from My Beauty Diary Egg White Gommage Peeling Facial Wash Off Mask* when I received it in this month’s BNT Box. Aside from the Easter-esque packaging, the name threw me off at first. What exactly does “peeling” + “wash off” mask mean?

I turned to “gommage,” which turns out is a type of facial peel that was popular before the advent of all the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) treatments. Gommage comes from the French term, “to erase,” and gommage facials involve a paste or cream (a gommage!) to be applied lightly on the face. After it drying slightly, the layer is scrubbed off, resulting in light exfoliation. In theory, gommage doesn’t need to be washed off… so you understand my confusion. This is a great exfoliation method for sensitive skin types, however, since it’s chemical-free unlike AHA peels.


Apparently, G.NA, a Canadian singer based in South Korea uses this as part of her skin care routine, which you can read more about here. The Egg White Gommage Peeling mask “removes dead cells very softly.” It has egg white and oatmeal extracts for moisture and nutrition, to treat the skin after peeling so that it doesn’t get dry.

My Beauty Diary - Egg White Gommage Peeling - Finger

The scrub itself is quite nice and soothing. My favorite scrub, the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub (which I have now finished up, sniff), has similar super small particles that do not feel harsh at all. If I’m not mistaken, My Beauty Diary is quite known for their sheet masks, but I’m happy to report that this particular wash off mask is quite nice, too. 🙂 It left my skin really smooth and soft. I was so surprised, especially after my initial suspicion of the pastels.

My Beauty Diary - Egg White Gommage Peeling Mask - Hand

The beads are really quite fine, almost imperceptible especially since they are white as well. It’s not ‘gommage’ in the strictest sense because the mask doesn’t really ‘set’ to a consistency that you can rub off (like dried glue).

There is always the danger of over-exfoliation. It’s pretty tempting to exfoliate everyday, especially after scrubs leave your face feeling nice and soft. Scrubs are generally only to be used 2-3 times a week, but this one feels really gentle that you could probably use it everyday. Since my other scrub ran out, I’ve been using this one every other day and I haven’t noticed any issues with skin irritation. The gentleness of the mask doesn’t feel useless, though. I feel a difference, but it just doesn’t feel harsh or tight on my skin.

MUH - GR - Detail (rouge-bleu) - Face 2

Here’s my face after a scrub + makeup application. Overall, a thumbs up for me! My skin really feels nice after a scrub that I kind of keep wanting to just use it.

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