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Mask Appeal: A Selection of Sheet Masks from Leaders InSolution*

Leaders InSolution Masks

I am a sheet mask nut. I love them so much. But of course, not all sheet masks were created equally. My favorites so far are the ones by The Beauty Buffet (available at Watson’s, sometimes on sale!) and Dermal (a bit pricier, but so good).

I was really excited to see sheet masks in my BNTGirls Box this month. Leaders InSolution Sheet Masks* are known to be some of the best on the market.

From the masks I received, two were “Premium Care,” these first two aren’t part of that range and come in a narrower packet. The first one I tried was the Collagen Lifting Skin Renewal Mask. It’s for skin firming and skin elasticity; this mask “helps recover younger-looking skin with revitalizing skin by supplying plenty of moisture.”

Leaders InSolution - collagen Lifting Skin Renewal Mask

This is what the mask looks like:
Leaders InSolution - Collagen Lifting Skin Renewal Mask - Sheet

And what the mask looks like on the face:
Leaders InSolution Mask - CollagenLifting - Face

The fit is good, even though it doesn’t seem like it because of all the bubbled-up parts. I think I placed it too low on my face, which is why the holes are all wonky. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t slide down, so I was able to work and putter around the computer while I was waiting for the essence to soak in. You typically leave these on for 15-20 minutes, depending on the brand and type.

Speaking of essence, I didn’t like this one at all. When the sheet was on my face, it was a pleasant enough experience, refreshing and cooling. When you remove the sheet masks, you ought to massage in the remaining essence. From my previous experience with sheet masks, the essence is usually easy to massage in and when you leave it alone, it kind of goes away by itself and absorbs into the skin. It’s not the case with this particular mask… the essence just kind of sat there. I would probably use this at night, or if my skin was feeling particularly parched. The feeling was so unpleasant, I just wanted to wash my face again.

Leaders InSolution - AC Dressing Skin Clinic Mask - Red

This is the next one I tried, and AC-Dressing Skin Clinic is targeted for troubled skin with a lot of redness. This is actually great for Oily/Combination skin, and I didn’t feel like it was super gunky on my face after removal. I tried to let the essence sit for a bit longer on my face, since the essence I applied down my neck and decolletage were fully absorbed, but after about twenty minutes, the essence on my skin still didn’t sink into to my skin.

The fit and shape of the sheet mask of this variant is the same as the previous one I tried. I think my skin reacted well to this mask, though. I woke up with refreshed skin, even if I did end up rinsing some of the essence off since it was so sticky.

Next up are the masks from the “Premium Care” line. First up is the Calming Dressing Bio Med-Curing Mask, which is made for sensitive skin, and combats large pores, excessive sebum, and redness.

Leaders InSolution Medi-curing Mask - Calming Dressing

This mask is a little peculiar! The sheet isn’t as “papery” as some of the other masks I’ve used. It’s actually a little squishy and is sandwiched between two other waxy papers so that it is easier to use. It would kind of stick on itself and I imagine would be very hard to unfurl without the papers. Anyway, it’s a great fit, but the opening for the mouth is quite weird on me, lol. Not the mask’s fault for sure:
Leaders InSolution Medi-curing Mask - Calming Dressing - Mask

See how it’s a little plastic-y? This is one of the bio-cellulose masks, made from plants, that disintegrate when disposed of. Bio-cellulose masks are kind of the “elite” of the sheet mask world, since they’re a little more expensive, are more environmentally friendly, and they tend to fit better on the skin and don’t slide off. They’re a little fussy to deal with, though.

Same issue with the other masks—I can’t get the essence to sink into my skin and fully absorb. Maybe I’m just impatient? I do like this mask a lot, though, but I don’t have nearly enough skin issues to really be able to tell the difference between them or determine their effectiveness in their specific target areas of concern. They do work well enough, however, and my skin definitely loves them.

Leaders InSolution Medi-curing Mask - White Dressing

Lastly, I’ve got the White Dressing Bio Medi-curing Mask, which is used to target dark skin, uneven skin tone, “blackness” (lol), and blemishes. This particular mask is for the promotion of radiance without irritation and for skin illumination. I don’t like whitening products, but this is obviously just for the improvement of dull skin. Which I feel like I have.

Like the other “Premium Care” mask, this one has the gummy, squidgy mask sandwiched between the two sheets of paper.

This is, perhaps, the best mask of the lot that I tried. I applied a pretty awesome tonic/toner before applying this, though. It’s supposed to prep your skin for easier absorption of subsequent treatments, so maybe that had a hand in it. The absorption rate of the essence was the best for this one. My skin still felt a little bit tacky, post-mask, but I left it on longer (about 40 minutes) and I massaged the remaining essence on longer, and I waited quite a while longer before rinsing the stickiness off. It was a stickiness I could handle, though. I don’t mind leaving the essence on had I been on my way to sleep upon removal (I wasn’t). Basically, this was the best for me is what I’m saying.

The great thing with masks is that you can kind of keep your skin care routine pretty simple (like I demonstrated here) and just use a mask and a scrub every few days. I have a slew of sheet masks tucked away, but I do use some clay masks and other wash-off masks, which I like a lot, too.

These definitely feel more luxurious than your usual sheet masks, but I don’t see a big exceptional difference between the results I get with these masks and the results I get with other, cheaper sheet masks. The quality of the sheets is much better, though.

Say hello to the bntgirls official badge! * PR Sample. Product was sampled and reviewed as part of the terms outlined for the BNT Girls.

Other BNT Girls: Joanne, Kine, Doris, Bella.

I have no information regarding Leaders InSolution’s animal testing policy.

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  1. i have never tried a sheet mask! maybe i will now! ive always been a fan of a good mud mask and sometimes a peel mask! please check out my new skin series on my blog all about the science behind skin as well as understanding your own skin and developing a complimentary routine. follow and i will love forever xox your local bohemian

  2. I like the variety. Once you start doing it everyday it gets pretty boring… I don’t think there’s a big quality issue so I’m still on the search for the cheapest ones. Hayan has them for as low as P 15 otc yata, but online prices vary and go for much higher.

  3. These are so interesting. I don’t think I’ve tried any yet but judging by the face my boyfriend makes when I do a normal cream/clay mask, I’d probably be getting even crazier looks… Hahaha

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