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Recent Acquisitions / Currently Testing

I know I just did a post on my recent acquisitions, but these are some of the other things I just received last week that I’ve been testing out. Unless I meet something I truly love and enjoy using, I don’t think I’ll bother with a full review, so let me know if there’s anything here in particular that you’d like me to talk more about.

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation in Just Sheer
After so many months of going back and forth on whether or not I should purchase this, I had a moment of weakness and just went for it. I didn’t anticipate that the casing of this thing would be this heavy. The packaging (which is refillable) is way luxe—even more than Guerlain, which has the most luxurious packaging I’ve met in my life (i.e. weight, feel, look, etc.), so that’s saying something. I’ve been looking to get into some brands that are “cleaner,” and this is one of my explorations so far. I really like it, but let’s see how well this feeling lasts, lol. If I like this enough, I just might try out their other products (they don’t have a lot, phew), all of which are in refillable cases.

Ilia Multi-Stick in All of Me
I was looking at the range of Ilia, another natural/green beauty company… and I noticed that their lip products were the most popular and was considering getting some lip product to try out. Then I saw this interview with Krystle Kemp, the fashion director of Need Supply, on Tomboy Style and I totally SWF’d her like a creep. Thankfully, All of Me looks really nice on my complexion and is kind of really perfect all year round. I’ve only tried it on my cheeks, though, so I’ll report back on the multi-usefulness of this multi-stick. It’s alright—nothing worth noting about it just yet.

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows in Cassiopeia and Subra
I COULD NOT RESIST. I was looking to get one or two more shades, but figured I’d try out my top 2 to see if I like the formula enough. So far, so good, but I haven’t found anything about them just yet that would make me want to get more shades, though both are quite stunning, when used on the eyes. We’ll see with more use just how special these are, compared to regular eyeshadows.

Makeup Geek Pigments in Sweet Dreams, Kryptonite, and Night Life
I don’t know why I do this to myself. As much as I love loose eyeshadow and pigments, I rarely ever spring for them just because they are so messy to use. I love them, but I’m over the fussiness. Or not, I guess, since I bought three more loose pigments, this time from Makeup Geek. So far, they’re really pigmented, but I haven’t tried them out yet, apart from swatching (good) and cleaning up the spills (bad).

One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster
I was looking for some type of serum for the day time that would help with my dull skin and decided to get the small bottle of this one by Love Organics. I’ve been intrigued by the brand ever since seeing it pop up in a couple of beauty videos, mostly attracted by the packaging (natural/green beauty = just a bonus!). So far, this is great, but I realized that I feel really uncomfortable using oils on my face during the day time. So far, I’ve seen that this plays well with the Kjaer Weis foundation, however.

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara
This is just a sample I got recently from purchasing the NARS eyeshadows. It’s okay, but it doesn’t hold my curl well and the formula is fairly wet. It is so cute, though, and I wish I had waited to open it before a trip just because it is so perfect for traveling! So far, I’ve been using it on my bottom lashes, but the wand is quite big so I have to be careful.

And that’s it for today’s installment. I actually have quite a bit more of items I’m playing with, but I figured I’d focus on these first so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. What makeup bits have you been playing with lately?

Recent Acquisitions - Currently Testing 2

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  1. I don’t use loose pigments much either but the ones from MUG are on my wishlist x

    • They’re soooo pretty, omg. I think you’d use them more than me, actually! Since you wear colors a lot 🙂

  2. I also hate using pigments. I’d even go as far as to say single eyeshadows are too fussy for me and that I prefer palettes! Those KW compacts have been tempting me too (damn you Instagram), would love to see a review!

    • I LOVE palettes, but I love singles, too. I just love eyeshadow in general, I think, but palettes make my heart sing 😀

      Ahh, I have one scheduled to go up on the 4th. 🙂 I’m still fine-tuning it and seeing if it’s working out for me, for real, lol. So far, so good, though!

  3. I really don’t mind haul posts. I wonder why people dislike them. I’m completely jealous of Kjaer Weis (you have the most unpronouncable makeup collection, friend!). Also looking at that MAC mascara which I thought was some cream, and those creamy looking NARS shadows.

    • I think it’s a general growing aversion to consumerism. I like them, too, but I prefer it if the people had something even a little to say about the products rather than just a show-and-tell, AND if someone I follow posts haul after haul after haul, it can be a bit nauseating.

      KEER WISE 🙂 It’s so freaking good, ok. But I’ll formulate my opinions s’more. The MAC mascara is so WET, which I am generally not a fan of, and the NARS shadows are diviiiiine.

  4. Zoë says

    these posts are so handy! I love the mini reviews/first impressions. I recently went a bit spendy with kat von d products.

    • Uh-oh! Haha but looking forward to your review/s. 🙂 I’ve always been so intrigued by that brand—I used to watch LA Ink a lot, lol—but I never really took the plunge. I might get that black lipstick if I can, though. So freaking amazing.

  5. Hey Carina, that one love serum looks promising! I’ve been wanting to try something from the brand for a long time. Maybe I’ll take the leap soon! I saw KW on a site the other day, but I want to read more reviews before I make up my mind. Chop chop, I’m waiting for yours 😉

    • It’s been great so far! 🙂 I also have been trying out a Vitamin E Eye Balm, and it’s also really great. Ahhh, they have so many options, though, I’m kind of at a loss as to what to pick up next, given this great experience with the two I managed to test out.

      HAHAHA OMG SUNNY. This cream foundation is amazing, ok. I’m putting together a review, but based on my usage of it for the past week, it’s so good.

  6. Yvane says

    I don’t now what it’s called exactly but that sort of purple eyeshadow looks gorgeous.

  7. I’ve been playing with my new Korres cheek butters lately. I bought them off Hautelook without ever swatching or testing the ones in Sephora, and while that’s generally a bad idea and I’ve been trying to avoid doing that sort of thing, I’m glad I bought these. They’re all quite lovely. :3

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  9. oh my gosh I’ve been lusting over the nars dual intensity eyeshadows and i’m hald glad that you said that you haven’t found anything extraordinary with them hahaha so I won’t feel like I’m missing much! and I agree with you regarding pigments. I once bought like two set of MAC holiday collection pigments and even if they were so nice, I barely used them because I hate having to clean up after using them!

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