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My Eyeshadow Diagram

So, Tellie asked me to make a quick diagram of my “eye makeup” because she was confuddled about where to put what color. I was kind of surprised she asked me because I don’t think my technique (lol) has evolved that much, but here is a general sketch of how I do things ‘round these parts.

Here are my eyes. As you can see, I have just a little bit of lid space. It’s pretty fun to add different shades and levels of haziness (more on that later) right above the crease, but for the lid space, I observe the rule of thirds.

eye diagram

By the way—I tried so many times to make a video demonstration of this. It was really hard, and I had to wash my right eye three times before I gave up trying because it was itching so damn much from all the soap. So, I did it some other day. YER WELCOME.

When I was starting out, I would shade in the inner third with a darker color as well, but I don’t do that so much anymore. I basically shade in the inner 2/3 of the eye (the edge towards the nose and the middle third) with the lighter color, and blend it out to the outer 1/3, where I have placed my darker shade. It works best if there’s high contrast between the two shades (in my opinion), just because you can see the effect really well:

I mostly try to keep that ratio and I do so by just blending over the part where they meet. I don’t “over blend,” or go over each of the sides with the other color all that much. That’s pretty much it.

I observe the same thing with the lower lash line, usually. I just make sure not to bring a medium or dark color all the way into the inner 1/3 because it makes my eyes look weird and squinty.

Of course, this formula can get a bit boring, so I do the darker shade in the inner 1/3 thing (but not frequently), do halfsies (again, not frequently), or I go about my usual business (2/3 light, 1/3 dark ratio) and just blow up my “above-the-crease” color, or where byuti goo-roos usually place their “transition shade.” This creates a pretty cute soft hazy look, like I’ve done so here:

And, that’s mostly it! Sometimes I do one shadow looks, lol, but this is usually my go-to method. 🙂 How about you? Are you more experimental with eyeshadow placement or do you have a preferred way of placing colors?

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  1. This is pretty much how I place my eyeshadow when I’m using more than one color, except that I never do crease shades. I have really deep creases and I can’t figure out how to put shadow in there without it looking messy and accidental. I also have a lot of lid space and weird folds at the outer corner of each lid, which can make things complicated, so I usually stick to one color all over the lid. I…have no business writing a beauty blog. OH WELL.

    • Ah! I, on the other hand, have barely any eye crease so I like hazing everything out. 🙂 I think maybe a lighter color might help? But yeah, one of my eye has the thing you are describing, I THINK, so I know what you mean. Haha pssh I love your blog pls don’t stop writing it T^T

  2. I seldom do one eyeshadow looks, coz that would mean, I’d have to line my upper lash line as well. (I just line my upper lash line, and skip eyeshadow. yes, I’m lazy that way, LOL) If I want to look extra pretty, a no-brainer method for me would be shimmery shades in the inner half of my lids, then dark matts on the outer corner, then a wash of a crease shade. ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    • LOL, I just end up using one shadow for everything + an eye kohl, if I’m REALLY lazy. That shadow is usually a metallic/shimmery medium brown 😀

  3. Hollypop says

    I tend to work with a method like this when I use eye shadows. It helps me make sure I make my eyes look symmetrical this way. 🙂 Lining my eyes isn’t quite as easy but it’s fun to practice 🙂

  4. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS SO MUCH! ❤ ❤ ❤ Actually, it *is* very helpful because I often force the "outer v" creasing on me and my uneven, little lid folds just get emphasized. I think it's cos I over blend. WHEN I'M GOOD I'LL DO THE ABOVE THE CREASE BLOWUP SO PRETTY @_@

    • Yay, thanks! 😀 I’m glad haha. The crease blow-up thing is pretty easy cos you just technically have to blend everything away. 😀

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