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August Favorites & September Beauty Goals

Behold! A list of my August favorites. Frankly, it has been a great month for beauty discoveries, aka consumerism. But yanno, at least I liked what I bought!

August Favorites

  • Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation (in all its grotty glory).
    The thing with this foundation is that you must like constantly wiping your cosmetics compacts. I love this foundation. I can’t stop reaching for it, and it inspires in me a thirst to try new bases, even with the knowledge that I’m probably going to like this one more than whatever new thing I’m compelled to try. I wear the shade Just Sheer and I wrote a review here.
  • Ilia Beauty Multi-Stick in All of Me.
    I haven’t written a post about this, but there’s nothing really new to say about this. I do like it on my cheeks and my lips, though. It’s a very easy color to wear in a pleasant-enough formula.
  • NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows in Cassiopeia & Subra.
    Sometimes I balk at how expensive these eyeshadow singles are, but then I forget all about the price tag when I start using them. I truly love these eyeshadows and I almost don’t want to keep using them for the irrational fear of running out. See them in action here.
  • NARS Powder Blush in Sin.
    An oldie but a goodie. This is just a perfect blush. It doesn’t look like much when swatched—actually, it looks kinda like a bad idea—but on the cheeks, it is stunning and dare I say it—perfect!.
  • Hakuhodo H601 Brush.
    This is probably my most favorite brush that I own, and that’s saying a lot. It’s a beautiful, soft portable face brush that I can use for blush, contour, and all over the face. It’s brilliant.
  • Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Cheek Kit in Cheeky Chic.
    Another blush rediscovery! This is technically four face products, but I primarily use the 3 upper tiers—the two blushes and “bronzer”. It is a beautiful all-in-one cheek wardrobe. I’ve reviewed it here.
  • NARS Yachiyo Brush.
    Another face brush favorite—the NARS Yachiyo Brush! This is a fan favorite, and I have to say that it lives up to the hype. This blends like nothing else.
  • Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies.
    Seriously, I need an intervention. I stopped by a Plains & Prints counter today to check out their newest shades and it took all of me to not give in to the two I was thinking of getting. These are amazing and extremely easy to use.
  • One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster.
    My skin’s best friend as of late. I love how this feels on my face.
  • Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm.
    This is heavy-duty stuff—my choice for under-eye hydration.
  • Commodity Goods Moss.
    My top fragrance favorite for August.

And now, to check up on my progress with my August Beauty Goals.

— Pay attention to ingredients. DO NOT BUY if it contains squalene, polyethylene or palm oil.

I am dumb. All of the MAKE products I bought contains polyethylene. All of them. If you recall from my last goals post, I wanted to avoid polyethylene because it’s basically plastic. I only had exfoliating scrubs in mind (since that’s how I learned about polyethylene in the first place) and neglected to check my makeup, and when I did—it was there. DUN DUN DUN. I am super upset, but it’s no one’s fault but mine.

Guess what, though? It’s a common ingredient in a lot of makeup. I’m a little confused as to what to do about this ingredient, because cosmetic chemists insist that it’s safe. However, I’m not sure I want to put plastics on myself or if I want to wash polyethylene off my face and into the environment. Ponder on more, hmm…

— Read more about ingredients and clean(er) beauty.

Clearly this is a fail, but I’ve also been self-educating myself via the various resources online. Did you know that LUSH contains ingredients like sulfates and parabens? I didn’t, but now I do. I think this really boils down to a matter of preference re: cosmetic ingredients.

I actually bought and received No More Dirty Looks by Siobhan O’Connor & Alexandra Spunt, so I’ll try to get more into this.

— Make a shopping list for upcoming trip. Try to be thorough, ruthless (in editing), and stick to it.

A success, in the sense that I’ve made a list. And remade it. And remade it. I want to see if I can limit myself to 10 makeup things purchased on this trip… A month and a half in the land of the free. HAHA. Let’s see.

— Wear more colors. At least 5 times this month: Yes.
— Clean brushes (make it a habit): Nopes.
— Try to streamline skin care: Yes, ish.


September Beauty Goals

A short list for September, since I’ll be gone for most of it.

— Stick to to-buy list, as much as possible. Set a personal budget. Quality over quantity.
— Don’t overpack makeup.
— Be diligent with skin care, even if you’re traveling!

And that’s it! Feel free to share your beauty (or non-beauty) faves this month and if you have any “”beauty goals”” you want to work on, too!

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  1. What’s wrong with squalene? I thought it was good for the skin (doesn’t it come from olives?) The Cheek Kit looks pretty 🙂

    • I should have specified! Squalene was derived from shark liver, but I think that’s generally not the case with non-Asian beauty brands. Unless it’s specifically stated as olive-derived (like Indie Lee products), I’d like to avoid it.

      Thank you! 🙂

      • I almost had my heart broken when I saw squalene in some charlotte tilbury products. Good thing I re-scanned the list and saw that it says olive squalene.

        Anyway, polyethylene may be safe for the face, but I think it can harm the ocean because they’re very tiny and can’t be filtered out. I can imagine them getting sucked in fishes nostrils or whatever.

      • Yay! Haha Tom Ford uses squalene also, but I think for the most part, squalene in Western products are olive-derived. WHICH IS WHY I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE COMPANIES THAT STILL SOURCE FROM SHARK POACHERS.

        I think the beads are tiny, but I’m not sure how polyethylene is formulated in lip products or eyeshadows. My rule for now is to rule out scrubs with polyethylene as the exfoliators.

      • I’ve stayed away from beady cleansers. If I remember right, those polyethylene beads are the ones specifically mentioned that can cause harm to fishies. Other polyethylene, I don’t know. For now I’ll do whatever you do, haha!

      • Haha sabi sa mga research, hindi naman daw harmful yung beads, but I’d rather use natural exfoliants pa rin.

      • jadegrrrl says

        Ahh I can see why people would want to avoid shark liver *yikes* those poor sharks.

  2. I seriously need to lay my hands on some One Love! I think I might get along well with both the serum and the eye cream 🙂 Also, LUSH: that’s one of the reasons why I’m not big on the brand (another reason is all their products are SO heavily-scented)! I have the impression that they want to look all-natural and all-good, but it is not the case if you read through the ingredient lists.

    • They’re amazing! 🙂 I’ve been sampling them and I really wish they were easier to obtain from Manila. AHHHH LUSH. Haha I get in such a rage when I remember. D: I love a lot of their scents, so I don’t really mind, but it’s so annoying how they’re posturing as a natural brand—no matter how many times they say that they never say they were natural, that’s how they are acting as a brand—with products that are full of chemicals. I have a lot of “dirty” products, but at least they are not trying to look all-natural.

  3. Abigail says

    Where did you buy that kjaer weis cream foundation here in Manila? How much as well?Hope you’ll get back to me:)

    • Hey Abigail, I bought mine from Eco Diva Beauty, which I think is based in North America. It’s $68.

  4. laura says

    I am presently trying to make a list for my birthday makeup splurge. My main goal is to not include eyeshadows 😀

    Are the Happy skin lippies really that good? I have been telling myself that they are just your average lip crayons, but I have onlu heard good reviews from beauty bloggers.

    • Haha, awesome! Yeah, I have way too much eyeshadow, but there’s always something new you need to try, isn’t there? Good luck!

      Yes, I really love them. 🙂 They are very easy to wear and have a great color range.

  5. I think your September goals are much more reasonable and realistic. Good luck girl! And sayang di ka makakasama sa sale uhuhuhu. Enjoy the trip 🙂

  6. I sooo need to get my hands on some KW and Ilia!! Agree about the price of the Nars singles…it’s put me off for now.
    Love your monthly goals, very inspiring ❤

    • I love KW and ILIA! 🙂 Definitely worth trying, esp. if you’re thinking about getting “cleaner” cosmetics. Thank you so much for reading x

  7. I have an addiction with the Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies! I think they’re the best local makeup brand out there! Have you tried any of their new shades?

    • Not yet, I stopped myself! Hehe. 🙂 I think they’re one of the best, too. 🙂 I think they really thought of their branding and identity and that makes me appreciate them as a brand even more.

  8. Scrub wise, just make your own with olive oil, sugar and honey! It scrubs off dead skin beautifully, you can make the amount you need on the spot, plus it tastes yumlicious if you accidentally lick some! (I looked into this a while back when I noticed I needed a scrub but couldn’t find one I liked (or liked the price of) in local shops. I would love the make the time to learn more about this kind of thing.)

    Where are you going this month!?

      • Oooh, whereabouts? I’ve been itching for a US road trip, it seems to be the year everyone is going on one (while I sit at home job hunting relentlessly)! Make sure to keep us updated! I love reading about your travel adventures 🙂

      • Oooh, all over! NY, NJ, Chicago, SF, LA, and Las Vegas. :0 We haven’t been in a while and we have many places and people to visit, heh. I sure will! Fingers crossed on a great job. 🙂

      • Oh my gosh, that sounds excellent! I am particularly jealous of Chicago, SF and LA – which are all places I’d love to go to but haven’t visited yet! Damn you (in the nicest way possible)! // Thanks bb

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