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Softly Sometimes just turned 2!

I don’t really celebrate blog birthdays, mostly because I don’t remember to, but I’ve had this date saved on my calendar for a while now. Softly Sometimes just turned two years old a few days ago (October 21, to be precise). What was a seemingly innocent hobby accidentally turned into quite a big part of me—not to be dramatic~ or anything like that; it’s just the truth.

I kind of still feel awkward about this because my interest in makeup and all that comes with it is the purely dorky kind—the kind that cares about textures and nuances in hue and shade, undertones and pigmentation, and the complexity of shimmers. I mean, what? All this talk sounds insane, but I love it. I love all of it.

So, thank you for being a part of it, o reader of this post. It has truly been a blast. Now that that sentimental stuff is out of the way, please stay tuned for a giveaway I’m planning—the first on Softly Sometimes! I’m still in the process of putting things together as I hadn’t been able to while I was away, but it should be ready in two or three weeks.

I know—it’s like an eternity! LOL. I just want to make it good, you guys, geez. Anyway! Thank you, truly, from the bottom of this stupid heart.



  1. Having been a reader since nothingspaces (sans softly), I admit I was pretty surprised you ventured into makeup blogging, but it all made sense because at the end of the day it’s still art and beauty and that has always been one of your strongest suits. Can’t believe it’s been two years, time flies. Congrats and I hope you continue to do this! 🙂

    • Aw, that means a lot to me 😀 Hehe I don’t really know what happened there, either… lol. But I just really like makeup, I guess!

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