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New on my Radar: Beauty MNL

NOTE: I was going to post this later during the week, but they have a 20% off your first purchase promo (if you register) until November 8, so I thought to let you guys know sooner.

OK, so this isn’t technically new, but Beauty MNL is an off-shoot site of Taste Central, a retail website here in the Philippines that’s partnered with Deal Grocer. Beauty MNL is where they basically re-stationed all of their beauty and style items.

I’ve shopped quite a bit before at Taste Central, getting everything from Truffle Oil to my first Aesop purchase, and I thought I’d give a poke around the site to see what they had. They have such a great range of products, but understandably, I didn’t really need anything in particular, so I settled for something I’d actually been meaning to get (a konjac sponge) and cheap things I’d been wanting to try (Red Cherry Lashes; I like #747S on me, and #43 IS SO FREAKING HILARIOUS).

Shipping within Metro Manila is about Php 50 or a little over $1, and it is quick. The items came in the little Beauty MNL Ziploc-type bag.

They also have a little section called Meet the Gurus, which is a magazine of sorts.

My main problem is the markup on some of the already high-priced items, and the lack of variety in some brands. I do understand that the overhead of bringing in some items might be too much, so I’m not too torn up about it, but let’s just say I’m not going to drop Php 4,685 on Suqqu for a brow kit. GIVE ME THE EYESHADOWS.

I do like that they stock brands like MAC and NARS because it makes it easier to buy some essentials like Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation when you run out, instead of having to go to the store.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my purchase and I’m extremely happy this exists. This is probably the local online store that stocks my favorite range of brands. I like places like Make Up Pro, but I can’t get over the fact that I have to go to the bank to deposit my payment. I’m a huge fan of automated payments.

Anyway, have you tried Beauty MNL?

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  1. Just did! Used my 20% to buy a bronzer. The prices are a bit marked-up, yes, but the site is too pretty and everything integrates so well with each other, like from order, filling the “cart”, payment, and methods of payment, that I can totally overlook it! UX and UI get a thumbs up from me. The Guerlain Meteorites are calling for me, BUT NO! I was also really surprised when I saw they stocked Suqqu, good job.

    • Woohoo! 😀 I agree, the site is so pretty and easy to navigate. The shipping receipt is also SUPER PRETTY.

    • Yup, I don’t mind as much, since I know there are extra expenses that go into shipping, taxes, overhead, and that they also need to make a profit. Thank you!

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