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New on my radar: ColourPop

I first learned of ColourPop from Victoria and a binge-watch of Kathleen Lights‘ videos nearly pushed me over the edge for their products. Their range is pretty modest: eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lip pencils. All at $5 each! They were met with super rave reviews, and since I saw some lip shades I wanted from their offerings, I thought I’d try out a few.

I practically lunged at these babies during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday special. I restrained myself and got 2 shades of the Lippie Stix (ugh, this name!) and a limited edition collection of their Super Shock Shadows called Not a Box of Chocolates.

ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates

Not a Box of Chocolates has 6 limited edition Super Shock Shadow shades (mmm, alliteration), which is why I thought to post a “Hey, look at this!” post right now, while the set is still up for sale. I believe it’s part of their holiday collection. I’ll reserve the swatches for later, but I’m going to tell you right now that the texture of these is kind of unreal:

ColourPop SuperShock Eyeshadows - Texture 2

It’s a soft and squishy material, like the firmer mousse. In general, I thought the payoff was going to be insane, off-the-hook, unlike any other! But, it was just okay. It’s not bad and I don’t really regret it, but it wasn’t as mindblowing as I thought it was going to be.

The set has 4 finishes: Pearlized, Satin Deluxe, Metallic, and Matte, so there is a great variety all around, I think. The packaging is also really, really nice, and they are made in LA and cruelty-free.

As for the Lippie Stix, I got 2 shades for myself: Feminist, which is a deep, deep, deep purple that’s almost black, and Lumière, which is a really pretty mauvey rose shade that Kathleen Lights made in collaboration with ColourPop. She mentioned that it was similar to the NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna, which I am keeping myself from buying because hello, $32, and hello 80 other lipsticks.

ColourPop Lippie Stix Feminist Lumière - Swatches

Anyway. Luckily, I kind of really love Lumière. I’ve tried both of them on my lips and they dry ever-so-slightly tacky, but they are not uncomfortable on the lips. Great lipstick, incredible value for $5, though some have pointed out that they contain considerably less product than your average lipstick (like, half). Still, it’s 5 bucks a pencil.

I love that their lippie pencils (eye roll) don’t necessarily match the lippie stix. They go together, but they aren’t an exact match. I really love that. 🙂 Reviews on both to come eventually. I just received these earlier this week, so I want to spend more time with them. So far, so good, though.

As of now, ColourPop only ships in the US, but they do accept payment from non-US credit cards, so if you have a shipping address in the US, ordering from them is a breeze.

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  1. I saw these on Temptalia but didn’t pay much attention haha! The texture looks really cool, I love the embossed pattern. The products sound okay – good for the price, but I don’t think I’ll rush to pick these up!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • They’re pretty good! 🙂 I would have probably gone wild over them if I didn’t already have such an extensive stash.

  2. These eyeshadows would be somehow similar to some MAC ones, no? I don’t own any, but I’ve seen them around. Not sure how I feel about the screw-on lids though!

    • Which MAC ones? Partridge is definitely in that “Club” zone haha. The screw-on lids prevent them from drying, but you’re right, I tend to not use them because of the lids!

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before but you’ve really made me want to try the lippie stix (horrid name), especially after watching KathleenLights’ video on them. And they’re $5 each! I saw Kathleenlights comment on one of her videos stating that ColourPop are planning to start international shipping early 2015, so here’s to that!

    • HAHAHA LIPPIE STIX IS THE WORST NAME D: Yay for international shipping! I do think they’re worth the effort, though 🙂

  4. Yvane says

    I have also read/heard a lot of good reviews about Colourpop. However, I am still deciding about actually purchasing some.. 🙂

    • I think they’re good to try if you’re itching to try something new! Definitely hold off, though, if you don’t need new makeup 🙂

  5. Ahhhhh Lumiere and Feminist!!!!! I want them both huhuhu. I’ve already made a list of all the eyeshadow shades that I want from Colour Pop and I can’t wait to try them all. But seriously, Lumiere and Feminist! Damn, I should have just waited for Lumiere instead of ordering Frida 😦

  6. I kind of am digging the look of the shadows. They do look so plush and cushiony. And somehow I like if a shadow is not ‘that’ pigmented because I prefer to layer to get the intensity of a colour that I like. And if that lippie stix is a dupe for NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna then, I WANT IT TOO!

    • They’re suuuuper plush. I love it when the eyeshadows are intentionally sheer. I think it’s pretty obvious if they want a subtle effect or if the shadows are just low quality.

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