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Marc Jacobs The Sky-liner Petites Highliner Collection

Marc Jacobs The Skyliner - Petites Highliner Collection

The Sky-liner Petites Highliner Collection is a Holiday 2014 offering by Marc Jacobs Beauty, a newcomer in the beauty world. It features seven of the Highliner Gel Liner Crayon shades, which is basically his no-budge, high-pigment version of an eye pencil. These tiny little pencils come in a sleek and sturdy black plastic tin that can be reused and repurposed for storage.

Marc Jacobs The Skyliner - Petites Highliner Collection - Colors

The shades in this set are: (O)Vert, Brown(Out), Sunset, Midnight in Paris, Th(Ink), (Plum)Age, and Blacquer. Sunset, a golden bronze shimmer, and Midnight in Paris, an inky indigo blue, are exclusive to this set.

(O)Vert is a forest green. Brown(Out) is a bronze. Th(Ink) is a deep navy. (Plum)Age is a vivid purple, and Blacquer is your standard black. All of the shades in this set, except Blacquer, has shimmer.

OK, I’ll put it out there right now: I hate the names. It makes me roll my eyes so much. I get it; I just don’t like it. They’re also really inconsistent with the format—sometimes the color part of the name is in the parentheses, sometimes they’re outside—and I just don’t like this naming device.

Marc Jacobs The Skyliner - Petites Highliner Collection - Size

This is how small each pencil is and it might look like a rip-off but this set of 7 liners costs $45 (or $6.43 per pencil). Each full size pencil retails for $25 for 0.01oz. Each mini also has 0.01oz of product. This sounded nuts to me, so I looked online for help with my math, haha. Here’s an interesting snippet from Christine/Temptalia:

“In the set, each pencil contains 0.37g/0.01 oz. while the full-sized eyeliners are 0.5g/0.01 oz. When I convert grams to ounces (using Google), 0.37g is really 0.0131 oz. and 0.5g is really 0.0176 oz. So this set contains 0.0917 oz. worth of eyeliner, or $130.26 worth of eyeliner.”

Score one for the metric system for accuracy~

Marc Jacobs The Skyliner - Petites Highliner Collection - Swatches
Swatched, L-R: (O)Vert, Brown(Out), Sunset, Midnight in Paris, Th(Ink), (Plum)Age, and Blacquer

The formula of these is pretty unbelievable, when swatched on your hand. It did tend to wear off on my eyes, though, especially on my waterline. Nothing ever stays put on there, but I was hoping that this would. The texture is really creamy with Blacquer as the best at application, but as with most liners, my issue is more of longevity.

Sunset on my upper lash line, Th(Ink) on my lower waterline:
Marc Jacobs Highligner - Sunset, ThInk - Eyes

Blacquer on my upper lash line, O(Vert) on my lower waterline:
Marc Jacobs - Highliner in Blacquer and OVert

I suppose this is still not my be-all, end-all colorful liner solution. I’ve kind of accepted that nothing will ever work on my waterline, but I don’t think that significant fading on my lids (even with primer!) is acceptable, at this price point.

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  1. This is a pretty set indeed. Love the packaging and the long lasting formulation. Great set of colors too.

  2. As soon as I read those names, I was all “how pretentious can you get, jeez” haha 😛 Sorry to hear they weren’t up to code 😦

  3. Oh ouch, I’m so sorry to hear about the fading! That’s the thing with all eyeliners really. The formula works for some but not all! I don’t use pencils that much, otherwise I totally would have wanted to try this set.

  4. Whoa that calculation is so taxing haha. But that is so weird of them to market their products like that but oh well. I think this is one of those example that when it’s expensive that doesn’t mean it’s guarantee flawless. I have yet blossomed a curiosity towards MJ makeup products, that is so weird considering I kind of want everything offered at Sephora haha.

    • Right? Haha I would’ve put the more accurate description… or just put both! I’ve swatched the blushes and aside from the eye palettes and the base products, those are probably what I want the most.

  5. i’m sort of meh about these liners. I had rococoa (who knows where the parentheses are?) when it first came out and returned it because it wasn’t quite as good as others. I have a 100pt perk from sephora of brown out and i just tried it today.. Again, I’m feeling meh about it and finding it fades sooner than others I have… Oh well!

    • Very meh for the price, but I think the set is worth it 🙂 I heard the black one is amazing, though, but I haven’t tested it out a lot. I’ll wear it tomorrow 😀

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