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Simple Human Mini Sensor Mirror

I received (jk, I asked for…) the Simple Human Mini Sensor Mirror for Christmas. It seems like a weird thing to ask for, I know, but I’d been wanting a circular vanity mirror that lit up for a long, long time. About a month or so into using this (I received and opened it early because I’m a cheater), I’m still on the fence about it, though I’m teetering more on the side of “I’m so glad I got this.”

A part of me really, really loves it. The Mini Sensor Mirror has an LED ring light around a circular mirror that lights up with a motion sensor. You can completely turn it off if you want to, and it charges via a USB cable so there’s no need to use wasteful alkaline batteries. I love that it folds into itself and can be tucked into a case for travel.

But, sometimes the 10x magnification is a bit too much for me. It’s very useful for reshaping eyebrows, getting rid of stray hairs, and precision makeup, but it’s a little too close for someone who is a bit slapdash when it comes to her makeup. I think I have to go too near to reach the correct focal point, and so I don’t get a wide view or complete face reflection… which means that I can’t get rid of my trusty folding MUJI mirror.

I do really like it, but it just doesn’t cover all the bases, to be frank.

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  1. I Christine of Temptalia review this and I kinda wanted it too.. But then I saw thry have lighted mirrors in Howard’s storage! And they were 50% off!! So I went for that instead. Sounds very handy but I think I’d get irritated if the light suddenly turns off and I have to get up close again just to light it up.

  2. Hey Carina, I am a cavewoman when it comes to gadgets like this. I do my makeup in front of the wardrobe mirror and that’s all I have! Glad to hear you’re glad you have it. I think it’s cool, but maybe not something I’d shell out the money for!

  3. I really wanted this mirror, but like you, I don’t always need 10x magnification. I wish there was nice looking lighted mirror like this that didn’t have magnification. I feel like that kind of magnification would make me feel bad about my flaws.

  4. thank you for the review. I didn’t quite get the hype, and already have a light up makeup mirror that mr bunny bought me for christmas a few years back (which has a magnification side and a normal side) I agree, it is too close for a messy makeup applier like me too lol!

  5. The best lighted mirror I’ve used is something similar. It has 8x magnification on one side BUT regular reflection on the other (which I feel would be perfect for what you want.) If only I can find something like that, but is also wall-mounted and retractable… that would be perfect!

    • Ganda! Haha my mom’s mirror is like that, but it’s not lighted. BUT she has amazing vanity lights on the wall, so she still wins. HAHA.

  6. I’m still on the hunt for a decent lighted mirror. I’ve been trying to find one that looks sturdy enough to last for years however it’s hard to find one here in Cebu. That’s definitely a nice find. Happy New Year Carina! Random Beauty by Hollie

    • Happy new year, Hollie! 🙂 Raven mentioned Howards has lighted round mirrors. Do they have that chain in Cebu?

  7. I’ve also wanted one for ages, but I’m scared of getting too judgmental of my skin. Haha. When I look at magnified mirrors, I tend to focus on my giant pores.

    • Haha I’m not too bothered by skin imperfections. I’ve admitted to myself that no one except me really cares about them :))

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